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Devil May Cry

Capcom has provided a slight update on Devil May Cry for Switch following its announcement last week.

First, the company confirmed that its release for Nintendo’s console is from the 2018 Devil May Cry HD remaster collection. Beyond that, Capcom is keeping quiet on price and the possibility of future ports.

Hello, my beautiful Tanooki suit wearing Goombas! In this episode of NEP, we talk Devil May Cry coming to Switch, Nintendo’s E3 plans, our E3 expectations and what to do in the coming future for hardware revisions. Then we discuss all of Furukawa’s comments on Cloud gaming, improving Nintendo Switch Online and their partnership with Tencent Holdings to release the Switch in mainland China. We then read some listener mail where we talk about the backlash to Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers for Nintendo Switch.

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Capcom has provided a few screenshots of Devil May Cry, which was announced for Switch yesterday. View the images in the gallery below.

Devil May Cry is due out on Switch digitally this summer.


Update: The North American / European equivalents of the site confirm the same news, so it will be digital-only worldwide.

Original: Devil May Cry is finally hitting a Nintendo platform with the upcoming launch of the original game on Switch. Capcom made the announcement earlier today.

The one thing fans have been uncertain of is how the game will be distributed. An eShop release happens for pretty much every title, but physical is another story. And unfortunately, it appears that Devil May Cry won’t be sold at retailers. Capcom opened an official Japanese website today, confirming the news. We also wouldn’t bank on a physical edition in the west since what happens in Japan tends to dictate what takes place in other regions.

In any case, Devil May Cry will be coming to the Switch eShop sometime this summer.


Capcom is bringing the original Devil May Cry to Switch, the company just announced. A release is planned for this summer.

For those who haven’t heard of the action serious previously, here’s a brief overview:

Devil May Cry 5 director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Matt Walker were recently asked about the series appearing on Switch. Their response was very receptive, having said that they “would love” to play the games on Nintendo’s console and are “always asking for ports.”

Here’s the complete response:

Devil May Cry is a series that has completely skipped Nintendo platforms so far, and that includes the upcoming Devil May Cry 5. The producer of that game, Capcom’s Hidaki Itsuno, was recently on a press tour for Devil May Cry 5 and talked to a number of outlets, including VG 24/7. They asked him about the possibility of Dante, the series’ main character, being added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a DLC character. Here’s what Itsuno had to say:

Just when we thought that Capcom may take a break on announcing collaborations for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the company reveals another. Today Capcom provided a first look at a Devil May Cry crossover for the title. Players will be able to dress their Felyne in a Dante costume – complete with his hair, jacket, and sword.

Monster Hunter Frontier G currently allows for players to dress their characters up as Dante or Lady – two characters from Devil May Cry. The crossover will be available through Christmas.

Sword users who are level seven or above can put on Dante’s costume, and gain access to the Rebellion I and Rebellion Kai I blades. Lady, a gunner, can use Jealousy I and Epidemic I.