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New 3DS XL

Podcast Crew: Austin (Twitter), Jack (Twitter), Laura (Twitter)

Welcome to episode 106 I mean episode 109. How are you? I’m okay. I hope you’re okay too. Here’s an overview of what we’ll be talking about on this episode:

Segment 1, Intro: Star Tropics makes its first appearance on this podcast, and we discuss some cool tidbits about its development and how it’s similar to Metal Gear Solid in a certain respect.

Segment 2, What We Played: Austin gives his impressions of the New 3DS XL, Laura waxes poetic and tells a story from her time with Majora’s Mask 3D, and Jack updates us on chemistry, computer science, and other collegiate affairs.

Segment 3, Book Club: Our next week of the A Link to the Past book club creates a rift that eventually morphs into a learning experience for everyone involved! Jack likes the Dark Palace and dislikes the Swamp Palace, but Laura and Austin think the opposite! Some interesting notes about Zelda temple design in this segment.

Segment 4, Listener Mail: Listener mails brings about a particularly interesting topic this week: Are 2D Zelda games really just gimped versions of 3D Zelda games? Are they just a stopgap between the “real” Zelda games? We don’t go quite as in-depth as I’d like to someday, but it’s a fascinating idea.

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It appears that Nintendo has updated their site to not only include the recently announced amiibo from yesterdays Nintendo Direct, but they have also added the month in which all the newly announced amiibo will launch.

March 2015

Super Smash Bors. Series

– Robin

– Lucina

– Charizard

Super Mario Bros. Series

– Mario

– Peach

– Luigi

– Yoshi

– Bowser

May 2015

Super Smash Bros. Series

– Wario

– Pacman

– Ness



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