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Nintendo Labo

Nintendo UK published a new video from Nintendo Labo Workshop to highlight what attendees thought of the product. View the video below.

Nintendo is back with a third trailer for the Toy-Con Garage feature in Nintendo Labo. Check out the video below.

Nintendo has updated the North American Nintendo Labo website with a lengthy FAQ. Four different categories are covered – “Basics”, “Make”, “Play”, and “Discover”.

The FAQ does hold some very interesting information. Nintendo goes over box and Toy-Con sizes, the durability of the cardboard, replacement parts, and a whole lot more.

You can read the FAQ in full below. 

Nintendo Japan has a brief video up showing how users can put on the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Robot suit. We’ve attached it below.

Nintendo just issued the first Nintendo Labo commercial that will be airing in Japan. You can watch the advert below.

Nintendo is back with a second trailer for the Toy-Con Garage feature in Nintendo Labo. Check out the video below.

New Nintendo Labo hands-on videos from Japan and North America were shared by Nintendo last night. We also have one from Nintendo UK now as well, which you can see below.

We previously reported on Nintendo Labo’s Toy-Con Garage, which allows for rudimentary programming so that you can create your own projects. Nintendo now shows this off for the first time in the video below.

The Nintendo Labo Customization Set is now available for pre-order. You can order yours from Best Buy here. Amazon is also taking pre-orders here. The set retails at $9.99.

Over on the official Nintendo UK store, pre-orders have opened for Nintendo Labo. You can reserve the different products here. These include the Variety Kit and Robot Kit, as well as the Customization Set.