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Nintendo Labo

Following up on Nintendo’s Japanese videos, we now have English trailers for Nintendo Labos. Find the introduction trailer plus videos for the Variety Kit and Robot Kit below.

Nintendo has posted three new trailers for Nintendo Labo on its Japanese YouTube channel. The first servers as a general introduction, while the other two are for the kits specifically. All three videos can be found below.

At an event in New York City, a select group of people were invited to try out Nintendo Labo. Nintendo has now passed along a few photos from the event. We have them below, along with descriptions of each image.

We’re still trying to learn about the finer points of Nintendo Labo’s various games. But thanks to a snapshot taken by Engadget at a hands-on media event yesterday, we appear to have some additional information about what the motorbike component offers.

The text above indicates that players will be able to create their own track. It states, “Make your own tracks” and “Create and race three grand-prix courses”.

That certainly sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Though that’s the only information we have at present, it has piqued our interest.


As more folks continue to try out Nintendo Labo, some interesting things have come to light. Earlier today, we heard that some basic programming is supported. It also looks like the Joy-Con can be used as a night-vision camera, as well as follow heat signals.

That information comes from Kotaku, who gave Nintendo Labo a shot earlier today. Here’s what the site shares about this:

Did you know that that black sensor at the bottom of the right Joy-Con can act as a night-vision camera and beam a feed of what it’s pointed at to the Switch’s screen? That’s what is happening in this shot. That’s me in that green box in the screen. A tap of that box on the Switch screen switches the camera view to a heat-sensor mode, which sets the whole thing up to then track and follow heat signals.


With media outlets going hands-on with Nintendo Labo today, a bunch of new details and photos have emerged. Engadget in particular has a lengthy report on the game, including details about construction of the various projects and included mini-games/apps. You can find a summary of information below, along with some photos from IGN.

Earlier today, Nintendo held a new media event for Nintendo Labo. Kotaku was present, and has reported on some new details.

With a “Toy-Con Garage” feature, it will be possible to implement rudimentary programming and customization. Further details on this are below.

If you only watched the first couple of seconds of this week’s Nintendo Labo trailer, you might get the impression that Nintendo is trying to do something with VR. It could remind you of something like Google Cardboard. But as the trailer progresses, you’ll quickly realize that Nintendo is going for something that’s rather different.

Nintendo Labo also isn’t intended to be an answer to VR. That’s according to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, who spoke with Toronto Sun about the new initiative.

Update 5 (1/19): Nintendo Labo up for pre-order on Amazon Germany.

Update 4: Nintendo Labo is now up on Amazon UK.

Update 3: Bumped to the top. Pre-orders are now open on Best Buy

Update 2 (1/18): The Variety Kit is now up on Amazon.

Update: Bumped to the top. Pre-orders for the Robot Kit and Variety Kit are up on GameStop.

Original (1/17): Amazon has started accepting pre-orders for Nintendo Labo. Currently, you can reserve the Robot Kit here. We’ll let you know when the other products go live.

The USK acts as the official classification board for Germany. We’ve spoke about them on the site plenty of times before, but they’re essentially the same as the ESRB in the U.S.

It seems that Nintendo gave the USK early access to Labo, but things nearly went very wrong. A tweet sent out earlier today states that the USK’s cleaning staff almost disposed of the product after thinking it was waste paper. We assume that everything worked out in the end, but that’s a pretty interesting story.

Thanks to Paul for the tip.