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Nintendo Labo

Nintendo has published a pair of North American commercials for Nintendo Labo. We’ve included both below.

Nintendo published a new Nintendo Labo video today, posted below, featuring Bill Nye. Watch Nye customize a Toy-Con RC Car, make Toy-Con Fishing Rod, and get creative in the Toy-Con Garage.

Nintendo has updated the Japanese website for Nintendo Labo with a bunch of cardboard parts. The Variety and Robot Kits are both represented here, so they can come in handy if you happen to break or misplace something. The full set of parts can be found here.

Earlier in the month, an interview was published with Nintendo Labo director Tsubasa Sakaguchi, Switch director / Nintendo Labo producer Kouichi Kawamoto, and Nintendo Labo hardware lead Mr. Ogasawara. The developers had plenty to say about the new initiative for Switch during that discussion.

Today, the second portion was published online. The three developers had even more interesting things to share, including prototypes, why cardboard is used, and more.

You can read the next part of the interview below.

Nintendo has previously said that replacement parts would be offered for Nintendo Labo. Now that it’s launching tomorrow, the company’s online store has updated as promised.

A bunch of different parts are available, ranging from $1.99 up through $13.99. For the full set, continue on below.

Polygon managed to get its hands on Nintendo Labo ahead of its launch later this week. Check out an unboxing and building video for the new Switch release below.

According to a Bloomberg report, Rengo is supplying cardboard for Nintendo Labo. Other companies in the supply chain are also said to be contributing to the new Switch initiative.

Bloomberg mentions that “Rengo is focused on Japan production for Nintendo”. However, Labo will only be a small part of the company’s overall sales.

Rengo was one of the first companies in Japan to produce corrugated cardboard. With 35 manufacturing plants in Japan and roughly 55 factories in Asia and the U.S., Rengo is the third-largest maker of containers and packaging products in Japan by sales.


Nintendo has put up a new “Make, Play, & Discover” trailer for Nintendo Labo ahead of its April 20 launch. We have it below.

Nintendo has published a big developer interview with some of the key team members behind Nintendo Labo. Nintendo Labo director Tsubasa Sakaguchi, Switch director / Nintendo Labo producer Kouichi Kawamoto, and Nintendo Labo hardware lead Mr. Ogasawara were brought in for the discussion.

The interview is really worth a read, as it covers how Nintendo Labo came to be, the struggles the team encountered (including disastrous consumer tests), changes that were made, and a whole lot more. Also, as a sidenote, we have confirmation that Tsubasa Sakaguchi moved on from Splatoon as one of the original game’s co-directors to Nintendo Labo.

Continue on below for the full interview.

Nintendo has published two more Nintendo Labo commercials for its Japanese audience. We have the latest adverts below.