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Nnooo is working with 3 Sprockets to bring Cubemen 2 to Wii U. However, the studio said in a recent Reddit AMA that there are no currently plans to bring over any of its homemade games to Nintendo’s console currently.

While that may be sad for some, Nnooo did at least have positive things to say about Wii U. Blast ‘Em Bunnies could have been a possibility had the company not been preoccupied with other matters, and the studio praised Nintendo for “making amazing content for their platforms.”

While we totally love the Wii U at the moment we have no immediate plans to release any Nnooo developed games on it. We think that Blast ‘Em Bunnies would be a great fit for the Wii U but we have our hands more than full with the current slate of platforms!

I think Nintendo are doing a great job, as always, of making amazing content for their platforms. Personally I think they maybe underestimated how much goes into making an HD game and trying to support two consoles with great graphical fidelity is pretty tough! As they have said aligning their tools and tech so that they can more easily make games for both platforms, should they want to, will really make things easier and quicker for them in the long run.


Blast ‘Em Bunnies isn’t on Wii U, but it is on 3DS. Why is this so?

Developer Nnooo explained on Twitter:

Nnooo seems to have left the door slightly ajar regarding a potential Wii U version in the future. But for now, the studio is focusing “on the core platforms first.”


Three games from Nnooo will be on display at this year’s PAX East. Attendees can get their hands on Blast ‘Em Bunnies, Cubemen 2, and ORBITOR. The latter title hasn’t been officially confirmed for Nintendo platforms, though Nnooo intends to bring the action-adventure game to consoles/handhelds later this year.

We were recently given the opportunity to interview Nic Watt, founder/creative director for Nnooo. Watt tackled questions about Blast ‘Em Bunnies, escapeVektor, the eShop, and more.

Head past the break for our full interview.

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