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Paper Mario: Color Splash

Nintendo uploaded a couple of new commercials for Paper Mario: Color Splash in Japan. Both can be seen below.

Head past the break for an extra video based on the second commercial.

Update: Here’s the regular, latest episode of Nyannyan Neko Mario Time:

The latest episode of Nintendo’s Japanese show Nyannyan Neko Mario Time has now gone live, specifically focusing on Paper Mario: Color Splash. We’ve included it below.

The final two episodes of Paper Mario: Color Splash – Rescue V were spotted on Nintendo’s Australian YouTube page last week, but as expected, both were pulled. Nintendo has now put up the sixth video officially, so we’ll leave that below.

The digital version of Paper Mario: Color Splash has been getting a lot of attention due to Nintendo’s pre-load accident, but there will of course be a physical version as well. Take a look at the disc art above.

Paper Mario: Color Splash is all about cards, as that’s what players use during battles. The game also features special Thing Cards that is a returning element from Sticker Star. Check out some footage of different Thing Cards from Color Splash below.

Since some folks have the digital version of Paper Mario: Color Splash, they don’t have any restrictions when it comes to the length of streams. YouTube user Crunchii actually ended up showing the game for almost eight hours yesterday. Here’s the full archive:

Some North American Wii U owners were able to nab the digital version of Paper Mario: Color Splash a few days ago. Nintendo made it available for pre-load, but that was actually the game in its entirety. An update is always required to begin playing pre-loaded titles on launch day, so something did not go as planned here. Color Splash was soon pulled after reports spread on various websites.

Nintendo has since commented on the situation, as Kotaku obtained a statement from the big N. It basically confirms what we already knew: a mistake was made.

The full statement reads:

“For a brief period of time, Paper Mario: Color Splash was inadvertently made available to the public via Nintendo eShop on Wii U, and a small number of consumers were able to purchase and download the game. Access to the digital version of the game is no longer available. The digital version of the game will be available for download in Nintendo eShop on Wii U, and consumers can purchase the physical version at retailers nationwide, when Paper Mario: Color Splash launches on Oct. 7.??”


German outlet Paper Mario: Color Splash held a live stream earlier today that gives us yet another look at gameplay in Paper Mario: Color Splash. We’ve posted the archived version below.

In Paper Mario: Color Splash, you’ll end up battling the various Koopalings, including Morton. GameXplain shows that boss fight in the video below.

Another Paper Mario: Color Splash video clip from GameXplain shows Mario invading an airship. Give it a look below.

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