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Paper Mario: Color Splash

System: Wii U
Release date: October 7, 2016
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher Nintendo

To a certain degree, Paper Mario might just be the most popular spin-off series that the overall Mario franchise has spawned. What Paper Mario lacks in number of titles, it more than compensates with its fleshed out and devastatingly charismatic worlds – for the most part. Home to some of Nintendo fans’ favorite titles, it’s no understatement to say this collection of games might just be one of the best the big N continues to put out, which is why it so confusing they haven’t been treating it that way. With a more than all over the place prequel on 3DS, Color Splash brings this series back to the home console, and hopes to right the wrongs Sticker Star caused. Now, despite looking, feeling, and sounding just like Sticker Star 2, rest easy, because Paper Mario: Color Splash is anything but.

Ahead of Friday’s launch, Nintendo has lifted the reviews embargo for Paper Mario: Color Splash. Continue on below for a roundup of notable verdicts thus far.

Nintendo Everything – “Thumbs Up”
IGN – 7.3 / 10
GameSpot – 7 / 10
GamesRadar – 3.5 / 5
Destructoid – 8.5 / 10
Nintendo Life – 8 / 10
Nintendo World Report – 9 / 10
GameXplain – “Liked A Lot”
USGamer – 3.5 / 5
Kotaku – N/A
Game Informer – 8.5 / 10

Nintendo has now officially uploaded the final episode in its “Rescue V” video series for Paper Mario: Color Splash. We have it below.

You might be surprised to hear that Paper Mario: Color Splash has a fairly extensive map. Judging by an image of it which has surfaced online, there will be plenty of levels to explore and places to visit.

The map doesn’t reveal anything overly spoilerish, but to be on the safe side, we’ve placed it after the break.

Following the initial batch of Paper Mario: Color Splash concept art that surfaced yesterday, we have more images, and significantly more this time around. The latest art shows a few more characters, but also locations and even elements like art style concepts. It’s all incredibly interesting to say the least.

Just like last time, we’re posting the gallery past the break. Some may consider some of the images to be spoilerish in nature.

The North American Paper Mario: Color Splash website was previously in a teaser state, but it’s now open in full. Head on over here to access it. Footage, screenshots, and game details are all present.

In one of its recent trailers, Nintendo showed that Paper Mario: Color Splash has a stage that’s practically straight out of Super Mario Bros. 3. View some footage of the level below.

There are a lot of neat little things in Paper Mario: Color Splash. For example, did you know that you can unlock concept¬†art? That’s one of the game’s features, and some players have already unlocked some of the images, which are rather neat.

Since this falls into spoiler territory with the main villain, we’ve posted the gallery after the break to be safe. You’ve been warned!

Nintendo has gone live with new North American commercials to promote Paper Mario: Color Splash. Check out the brief videos below.

Thanks to Nintendo of Europe, we have a new trailer for Paper Mario: Color Splash showing various aspects of the game. View it below.

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