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Pokemon Bank

Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter are still missing in action. There hasn’t been much news about either of the two downloads as of late, but Nintendo of America did provide a new brief update on Twitter a short while ago.

The company wrote:


Pokemon Bank is still out of action in Japan (and still has yet to launch in other territories) following the unexpected downtime that plagued Nintendo’s online services last week. Today, a brief update was shared.

Nintendo says that it continues to resolve and test issues relating to Pokemon Bank. Details will be announced as soon as possible.

Nintendo also apologized to fans who are waiting for Pokemon Bank, and asks for their patience.

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Pokemon Bank is still unavailable in Japan, as is the case with other territories. However, Nintendo has re-added Poke Transporter.

To access the app, users will need to visit a certain area inside Pokemon Bank, which will then load a specific page inside the eShop. Poke Transporter can’t be found on the eShop by any other means.


Following the 3DS eShop’s second round of maintenance yesterday, it has now opened for good. Furthermore, Nintendo doesn’t anticipate additional outages for either the 3DS or Wii U digital stores.

Nintendo has also said that news regarding the launches of Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter will be shared “as soon as possible.”


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Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have officially pushed back Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter’s launch overseas. Unsurprisingly, the delay is attributed to the issues surrounding Nintendo’s online services – particularly an influx of traffic to the Nintendo Network service.

In its announcement, Nintendo apologized to those who have been awaiting Pokemon Bank’s release. A new launch date has not been set at this time.

The official notice on Nintendo’s support site reads:

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company International have postponed the launch of Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter – two software applications that were originally scheduled to launch for Nintendo 3DS on Dec. 27 – due to a large volume of traffic to the Nintendo Network service. Due to the high traffic, players are having trouble setting up Nintendo Network IDs and downloading content in the Nintendo eShop on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. We truly regret the inconvenience, and wish to reassure everyone that providing a solution is our top priority. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your continued patience.

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Update: Nintendo claims that Pokemon Bank will still be out tomorrow in North America through its weekly Nintendo Download report.

Nintendo has been facing a tremendous amount of problems with its online services for well over a day now. To alleviate some of the stress placed on its network functionality, the company has removed Pokemon Bank from the Japanese eShop. Nintendo wrote on Twitter that the app was pulled due to the connection problems.

Pokemon Bank launched in Japan yesterday, which is when many of the online problems began appearing. It was scheduled for release in North America and Europe tomorrow as well, but it now seems unlikely that the overseas launch will go ahead as planned as both eShops now list a “TBA” date.

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Pokemon Bank is allowing for hacked Pokemon, despite what had been originally expected. Long story short, illegal Pokemon – creatures that can’t exist naturally – are finding their way into the app. Now the question is whether Nintendo and Game Freak intend to address this in the future, or if things will stay as is.


Update: Poke Transporter is 218 blocks, or 27.5MB.

Pokemon Bank takes up a very small amount of space on an SD card. You’ll need to reserve just 239 blocks of free space. That amounts to about 30MB.