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Pokemon Bank

Pokemon Bank as well as Poke Transporter have launched across North America. 3DS owners can download the two apps at no extra cost, via the eShop. Pokemon Bank takes up 238 blocks of space on an SD card while Poke Transporter requires 218 blocks.

Pokemon Bank (and Poke Transporter) finally launched in Europe today. North America still doesn’t have access to the application, but it sounds like the wait won’t be too much longer.

The official Pokemon Twitter account sent out a message a short while ago confirming that players in the states “will be able to introduce their Pokémon to the Kalos region soon”.

The note in full:


After a month-long delay, Nintendo’s Pokémon Bank app is finally available on the European and Australian 3DS eShop. For the low price of absolutely nothing (plus a subscription fee), those in PAL regions can now transfer their beloved Rattatas from the fifth generation Pokémon titles to Pokémon X/Y.

Will the popularity of the application cause the eShop to crash yet again? Will Pokémon Bank also make it to the American eShop this week? Will my internet connection ever be stable enough to actually download the bloody thing? Stay tuned to Nintendo Everything for more details.

Now that Pokemon Bank has relaunched in Japan, fans are anticipating the app’s launch in overseas countries. Nintendo of Europe – similar to Nintendo of America – doesn’t have a specific release date to announce, but did share another update on Twitter a short while ago.

Nintendo once again apologized for Pokemon Bank’s delay as well as the time it took to provide the latest news about its availability. With Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter’s relaunch in Asian territories, Nintendo says it will “be closely monitoring player’s experiences as we prepare for the European release.”

The tweets in full:


Update: Bumped to the top of the page. We have the following tweets from Nintendo of America’s Twitter account:



Pokemon Bank has finally returned to the Japanese 3DS eShop. Earlier this month, the app was pulled following extensive downtime affecting Nintendo’s online services. Perhaps this is a sign that we’ll be seeing Pokemon Bank in the west soon as well?


Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter are still missing in action. There hasn’t been much news about either of the two downloads as of late, but Nintendo of America did provide a new brief update on Twitter a short while ago.

The company wrote:


Pokemon Bank is still out of action in Japan (and still has yet to launch in other territories) following the unexpected downtime that plagued Nintendo’s online services last week. Today, a brief update was shared.

Nintendo says that it continues to resolve and test issues relating to Pokemon Bank. Details will be announced as soon as possible.

Nintendo also apologized to fans who are waiting for Pokemon Bank, and asks for their patience.

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Pokemon Bank is still unavailable in Japan, as is the case with other territories. However, Nintendo has re-added Poke Transporter.

To access the app, users will need to visit a certain area inside Pokemon Bank, which will then load a specific page inside the eShop. Poke Transporter can’t be found on the eShop by any other means.


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