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Niantic is expanding the Nearby feature in Pokemon GO once again. Players “in most regions of the world” should now be able to test it, such as Asia. So long as you can access the game from the App Store or Google Play, Nearby should be available to you.

Also mentioned today is that the team “made some changes to the way the Nearby Pokemon feature functions when there are only a few PokeStops in range.” Sightings now seems to appear when this happens.

Niantic wrote on the Pokemon GO website today:

“The Nearby Pokémon feature is being expanded to more locations. Trainers in most regions of the world, who can access Pokémon GO from the App Store or Google Play, can now test this new feature. To provide a better experience when searching for Pokémon in the real world, we have also made some changes to the way the Nearby Pokémon feature functions when there are only a few PokéStops in range. We will continue to review the feedback submitted on our official social media accounts and in other channels and make changes if necessary.”

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Update (12/8): The update is now live.

Original (12/7): Pokemon GO is upgrading to a new version. Those hoping for the addition of more Pokemon might be disappointed, as they are not mentioned in the patch notes. However, a few minor upgrades are being added, such as being able to transfer multiple Pokemon for candy at once. Full notes:

-Trainers will be able to transfer multiple Pokémon at a time to Professor Willow. To use this function, press and hold on a Pokémon.
-Pokémon type icons have been added to the Gym battle approach and Gym battle screen.
-The total Candy count for your Buddy Pokémon has been added to the buddy information screen.
-The total kilometers a buddy has walked has been added to the information screen of each Pokémon that has ever been your buddy.
-Minor text fixes.


Pokemon GO has managed to make the list as one of Facebook’s most discussed topics this year. It came in third, beating out popular events and people like the Olympics, Super Bowl, and Muhammad Alie.

The full list is as follows:

1. U.S. Presidential Election
2. Brazilian Politics
3. Pokémon Go
4. Black Lives Matter
5. Rodrigo Duterte and Philippine Presidential Election
6. Olympics
7. Brexit
8. Super Bowl
9. David Bowie
10. Muhammad Ali

The list above is based on data between January 1 and November 27.


Pokemon GO’s partnership with Starbucks is now official. A post on the official website shares details about what’s ins tore.

First, 7,800 Starbucks stores in the United States will become PokeStops and Gyms later today. On top of that, Starbucks is making the special-edition Pokémon GO Frappuccino.

Here’s the official notice from Niantic:

Data mining is underway on Pokemon GO’s latest update. The Silph Road reports on the findings, which point to a few new features.

Let’s start by going over some of the things we’ve sort of heard about before as well as the less interesting discoveries. First, additional code has now been added pointing to the integration of shiny Pokemon. Niantic also included sponsor placeholders for “GRILL” and “SMOKER” that go along with the “SPATULA”, “THERMOMETER”, and “KNIFE” types from the last update. Tweaks are also made to the Sightings and Nearby system so that PokeStop images can load asynchronously without freezing gameplay.

Audio files – specifically “cries” – now exist for the next 100 Pokemon. Whereas version 0.47 only went up to the first 151 Pokemon, data is now in place up though 251.

Apple made its “Best of” selections for 2016 yesterday. Although Pokemon GO didn’t win “Best iPhone App” or “Game of the Year”, it was chosen for a different category. Apple named it the “Breakout Hit” of 2016.


Pokemon GO’s partnership with Spring has now been officially announced. Over 10,500 Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Sprint at Radioshack stores will become PokeStops and Gyms across the United States. Additionally, Sprint outlets will feature in-store charging stations.

Here’s the full notice from John Hanke and the Pokemon GO team:

As we race towards 2017, we wanted to take a moment and thank you for your support. We’re excited for December because we have a few new experiences and in-game events planned for you before wrapping up the year. While we cannot share all the details yet, keep an eye out on our social media channels on December 12th for details about the first addition of more Pokémon into Pokémon GO.

In addition, we are thrilled to announce that we are working with Sprint to create a special Pokémon GO experience at over 10,500 Sprint locations around the United States. As part of this collaboration, Sprint, Boost Mobile and Sprint at Radioshack stores will become PokéStops and Gyms, giving you even more places to stock up on Poké Balls and Razz Berries and to battle your friends. Sprint locations will also feature in-store charging stations to keep your Pokémon GO sessions going even longer. Sprint also brings a great network and an unlimited data plan to support your search for Pokémon no matter where they are hiding.


The Pokemon Company and Niantic have come forward with a confirmation that more Pokemon are being added to Pokemon GO. However, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for details. Information about what’s in store will be shared on December 12.

Source: Pokemon PR

Niantic and mobile carrier Sprint are gearing up for a special announcement. Tomorrow, the two companies will have some sort of news to share about Pokemon GO. Marcelo Claure and John Hanke, chief executives of Sprint and Niantic, respectively, will be in attendance.

The event will be held at the following times:

– 8:30 AM PT
– 11:30 AM ET
– 4:30 PM in the UK
– 5:30 PM in Europe

It’s not clear what will be announced, but we’ll bring you the news as soon as we have it.


Several Starbucks employees have come forward with an apparent internal message pertaining to Pokemon GO. It points to something potentially huge happening with the mobile game later this week.

Assuming the message is legitimate – which seems very likely at this point – Pokemon GO is receiving some sort of update on Thursday. It states that Niantic’s title “is about to expand with new Pokemon” – plus a new Starbucks beverage to celebrate.

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