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Pokemon GO

One of the many reasons why people were initially excited about Pokemon GO was thanks to its first trailer. A number of neat things were shown in that video, such as a greater tie in with augmented reality and a big group of players battling Mewtwo in Time Square. If Niantic CEO John Hanke has its way, Pokemon GO will more closely resemble the trailer in the future.

Niantic CEO John Hanke appeared on stage with Epic Games chief executive officer Tim Sweeney for a chat at the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 earlier today. Hanke mentioned that the company wants to take advantage of improved technology, including deep learning, 5G networks, and better hardware. By doing so, Pokemon GO could be more like its debut trailer.

Also during the chat, Hanke said that Niantic wants Pokemon GO to be something that is always a part of your life rather than something you play for a bit. One of the first steps towards that is the new Adventure Sync functionality in which the game synchronizes with health apps that count your real life steps. Players can then progress and hatch Pokemon Eggs more quickly.


Pokemon GO is continuing to perform strongly. Sensor Tower reports that in October, the game earned roughly $73 million in gross revenue worldwide across the App Store and Google Play.

Just how good was that? Well, Pokemon GO “only” earned $43.6 million last October, meaning there was a 67% increase. Pokemon GO also sat at the #8 spot for revenue among all apps on both stores worldwide as well as #7 among mobile games.

Niantic has announced a new Adventure Sync feature in the works for Pokemon GO. It will connect to both Apple Health on Apple devices and Google Fit on Android devices.

When Adventure Sync is enabled, your walking distances will be counted even when Pokemon GO isn’t launched. It works in the background to tally your distance, earn Candy, and hatch Eggs.

Niantic has shared initial information regarding the next Pokemon GO Community Day. In November, Cyndaquil will be featured.

There will be a 2x catch XP bonus during the event, along with 2x catch Stardust. Cyndaquil will also come with an exclusive move.

The next Pokemon GO Community Day will be held on November 10.


Not long after leaks started circulating, Niantic has confirmed details about this year’s Halloween event in Pokemon GO.

Ghost-type and Dark-type Pokemon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region will be appearing, including Drifloon and Stunky. These new Pokemon will surface starting October 23 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET. Their arrivals will be accompanied by limited-time Special Research, Giratina in Raid Battles, new avatar items, and more.

Pokemon GO

Halloween is almost here, which means that a new event is on the way to Pokemon GO. Leaker Chrales has shared some of the early details. We’ve included the tidbits below – potential spoiler warning, of course.

Following yesterday’s update, new Pokemon are now live in Pokemon GO. The mobile game has added creatures originally discovered in the Sinnoh region, includong Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup.

Niantic says that new Pokemon will be rolled out in waves. These monsters will show up “over the next few weeks appearing in the wild, hatching from Eggs, and battling in raids.”


Niantic started rolling out the fourth generation of Pokemon in Pokemon GO today. Not all of them will be easy to catch, however. Based on early reports, new region-exclusive Pokemon have been added. Carnivine, Chatot, and Pachirisu are the Pokemon involved here.

Early player activity indicates that Carnivine is located in the southeastern United States. Florida, Maryland, and Georgia are among the states where the grass-type Pokemon are located.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO’s next notable update has gone live. On iOS, it’s version 1.91.1. Android users can access version 0.123.2.

The new update paves the way for Sinnoh region Pokemon, stat changes, and more. We’ve posted the official patch notes below.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is still chugging along and seems to be doing quite well. After generating $84.8 million in September, it ranked at the fourth spot among all apps in terms of revenue.

Pokemon GO’s revenue is up 89% year-over-year. Furthermore, the app’s gross revenue was its highest since November 2017. Revenue also increased 15% from august.

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