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Spike Chunsoft

The attached video gives us a look at Etrian Mystery Dungeon’s first-print bonus in Japan. It’s the “Marukatsu Super Famicom 2015 Revival Edition”. This magazine published its final issue over two decades ago, but is returning for Etrian Mystery Dungeon’s launch. It includes 52 pages of various information and artwork, plus an original soundtrack disc featuring six tracks.


Atlus is releasing downloadable content in time for Etrian Mystery Dungeon’s launch, which should make its way to North America and Europe when the title launches overseas.

Here’s what you can expect (translations via Siliconera):

Find the Furai, please: This quest will require you to find a Furai in the first dungeon. It’ll reward you with the addition of three foods that boost your item and money acquisition rates, along with higher chances of finding special floors.

Find the Landsknecht!: Similar to the previous quest, you’ll need to find a certain Landsknecht in the second dungeon. This one rewards you with three additional foods that increase your experience points gain and BLAST meter, along with higher chances of finding rare species.

Defeat the Golden Guardian: There’s a golden guardian wandering around a dungeon, and you’ll need to defeat it. Clearing this quest will give you some money along with a large amount of materials.

Do You Know The Red Pooka?: You’ll need to defeat the Red Pooka F.O.E wandering around in a dungeon. Defeating the Red Pooka will give you a pair of level-up items.

Please Find the Princess: This fifth DLC quest will have you search for a Princess class character in the first dungeon. This quest rewards you with a useful item that lets you keep all your items whenever you fail a dungeon run.

All of the DLC will be free at launch. The first three pieces will cost 150 yen after March while the other two will be priced at 200 yen.


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