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Splatoon players in Europe can now begin participating in the latest Splatfest. The two teams are hoverboard vs. jet pack. Which one do you prefer?

Like all Splatfests, this competition will run for a full day. Expect the results soon after it ends.

Splatoon’s 12th North American Splatfest is now up and running. The two teams are based on the following question: would you rather build a snowman or a sand castle?

Splatoon players will have until this time tomorrow (12 AM ET / 9 PM PT) to participate in the new Splatfest. Soon after it ends, the results will be shared.


Update: Play-Asia is taking pre-orders here.

We’ve seen real-life renditions of Splatoon weapons before, but there’s one that is being made into a new product. HVM has added in a listing for a Splattershot squirt gun, which will be sold in Japan starting on July 18 for 2,700 yen. It looks a bit similar to Target’s purchase bonus from last year!



Just like in Europe, Splatoon’s 12th Splatfest will be held in North America next week. The theme is different in the states though, with players being asked if they’d rather build a snowman or a sand castle.

This new Splatfest will begin on March 19 at 12 AM ET / March 18 at 9 PM PT. It’ll last for a full day, and Nintendo will post the results soon after the competition ends.

Thanks to StreetPass_SW for the tip.

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Splatoon’s latest Japanese Splatfest was once again game-themed. Dragon Quest was featured, with the topic being “Let’s keep going” (think being aggressive) as represented by She-slime versus “Cherish your life” (more along the lines of playing it safe), which was represented by Healslime.

This Splatfest has now drawn to a close, and the results are in. In the end, the Healslime side won thanks to an edge in both wins and popularity. The final score was 366 to 334.



Splatoon’s latest European Splatfest has been announced for next weekend. For the new competition, players are asked if they’d prefer to have a jet pack or hoverboard.

The new Splatfest will begin at 7 PM in Europe / 6 PM in the UK. It’ll last for a full day, with the results coming soon after.



A pair of Wii U titles have been nominated for the BAFTA Game Awards. Splatoon has been nominated for “Game Innovation”, “Multiplayer”, and “Original Property” while Super Mario Maker is up for “Family” alongside Disney Infinity 3.0 and Guitar Hero Live.

All of the nominees for the BAFTA Game Awards are located here.

Splatoon’s 2.6.0 update went live last night. YouTube user “Nintendome” took a closer look at the latest patch, which you can view in the video below.

A series of “Top Tip” Splatoon videos were uploaded by Nintendo of Europe earlier today. In each one, co-director Tsubasa Sakaguchi gives some advice pertaining to weapons, sub weapons, gear, and Turf Wars. We’ve attached all of the tips below.

Splatoon continues to set milestones in sales, as Nintendo announced via Twitter that the inky shooter has managed to sell over 1,000,000 units in Europe alone.


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