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North America is now joining in on Splatoon’s latest Splatfest. Like in Europe, the battle is between Pokemon Red and Blue. The competition will close this time tomorrow!


Splatoon’s newest European Splatfest is now live, and it’s a big one. Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue are facing off in a major battle.

You’ll have until this time tomorrow to participate in the Splatfest. A little while after it ends, the worldwide results will be up, and we’ll have them on the site as soon as possible.


Usually with each of Splatoon’s Splatfests, the results are announced one hour after the competition ends. But with this weekend’s Pokemon Splatfest, Nintendo is taking a slightly different approach.

Results for all Splatfests – North America, Europe, and Japan – will actually be announced at the same time. Here’s when that’ll happen:

– 11 PM PT (Saturday)
– 2 AM ET (Sunday)
– 7 AM in the UK (Sunday)
– 8 AM in Europe (Sunday)

As for the map rotation, Blackbelly Skatepark, Camp Triggerfish, and Museum d’Alfonsino will be featured.


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Amazon Japan has a listing up for a new Splatoon Wii U GamePad protector from HORI. We received something similar in the west, but this design is a bit different. A cleaning cloth featuring the Squid Sisters is also included in the package.

Based on Amazon Japan’s listing, this product will be available on April 28. The normal price should be around 1,922 yen.



During the New York Toy Fair 2016, Scott Neitlich from Jakks Pacific indicated that the company has more plans for its World of Nintendo line. Neitlich told VideoGameHeat that Splatoon figures are in the pipeline. That would be rather interesting, as we’ve yet to see any Jakks Pacific merchandise based on Splatoon as of yet.

Here is the brief statement from Neitlich:

Splatoon is such a huge hit, especially in Japan, that it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that Nintendo is taking advantage of the popularity of the IP. As such, a Splatoon manga will soon be released in Japan. It will be published in the bi-monthly manga magazine Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic starting in April.


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GamesMaster spoke with Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami in its latest issue for a brief interview. At one point, Nogami reflected on how there were some jitters within the team before launch, as they weren’t sure how the multiplayer-focused game would be received.

Nogami told the magazine:

“We’ve dealt with online multiplayer in a number of titles up until now, but this was the first time we’d taken up the challenge of releasing a package game where multiplayer was the main mode. We were not 100 percent sure about how a few sections would be received, and so we’re really happy to see them being well received not only by experienced online gamers, but by a really broad range of players including children and female players too; it’s a real confidence boost. If we have the chance in the future, I’d like to build on online gameplay even more.”

GamesMaster followed those comments by pressing Nogami on the possibility of Splatoon 2 happening one day. When asked, he responded with the following:

“We want to raise this new IP with care, so maybe we’ll get a chance to make it happen if players support us.”

Splatoon updates technically ended last month. But at the Splatoon Koshien 2016 finals a couple of weeks ago, Nogami hinted at possible new content for the shooter.

Update: All services have been stored!

Splatoon’s online services are currently impacted by “emergency maintenance”. If you’re having issues playing with others, now you know why! We’ll let you know when everything is back up and running.


Next weekend, Pokemon Centers in Japan will begin selling special Splatoon T-shirts based on the upcoming Splatfest. Designs for Red (Charizard) and Green (Venusaur) are due out on February 20.

Here are some photos:

Just to reiterate from the previous post, North America and Europe’s Splatfest is Red vs. Blue. In Japan, it’s Red vs. Green.


Update: This same event is confirmed for Europe and Japan as well. For the Japanese version, it’ll be Red vs. Green.

Splatoon’s eleventh Splatfest will be taking place in North America next week. Arguably, it’s one of the more interesting topics. Players can choose between either Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue.

This Splatfest will be going live on February 19 at 10 PM PT / February 20 at 1 AM ET. It’ll last for a full day, with the results following soon after.


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