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Story of Seasons

System: 3DS
Release: March 31, 2015
Developer: Marvelous AQL
Publisher: XSEED Games

Author: Kirara

Story of Seasons is a farming simulation game that was created by the same development team that has worked on past Harvest Moon releases, and if you’ve played a entry in that series, it will only take a moment to realize that Story of Seasons is by all means a successor in all but name. For all intents and purposes, it should have been called as such, but licensing issues prevented that from happening. I myself never played any of the Harvest Moon titles, and to be completely honest I have never really been a fan of simulation games; they’ve always intrigued me but it was never enough to inspire me to play one, with exception to my secret obsession Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Now I must say: after four seasons into my year one with Story of Seasons, I am exhausted! The game’s description is “farming simulation”, but that cannot be farther from the truth; it should really be considered part of the “everything simulation” genre. You are not only a farmer, but a carpenter, cook, designer, animal caregiver and breeder, landscaper, horticulturist… you probably get the point by now.

Podcast Crew: Austin (Twitter), Jack (Twitter), Laura (Twitter)

There was a Nintendo Direct today! Do you want to hear some people talk about it? Well, we’ve finally given in to the man and decided to talk about news.

Here are today’s chapters:


1. Intro
2. Picture of the Day
3. Game of the Week: Wario’s Woods
4. Where is Steve?

What we played

5. Laura removes her own heart in The Sims 4
6. Austin vs. Donkey Kong (Mario vs. Donkey Kong)
7. Laura looks for cheap love in Story of Seasons


8. Nintendo Directs us to Mario Kart 8 DLC, and more.

Shenanigans Redux

9. Freetures
10. Animal Crossing Music Break

Listener Questions Mail

11. The “right” way to play Fire Emblem?
12. Maybe microtransactions are just like modern arcade machines?
13. Jack’s favorite email about A Link to the Past.

Shenanigans Finale

14. Wario’s Woods Quiz
15. Devolution and Ending

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XSEED has released a new tutorial trailer for Story of Seasons. Watch it above. Additionally, you’ll find the game’s North American website here.

These screenshots come from a new XSEED localization post regarding Story of Seasons. You can find that right here.

XSEED has announced that Story of Seasons will release in North America on March 31. Pricing is set at $39.99.

By pre-ordering Story of Seasons at participating retailers, consumers will receive a special Angora rabbit “pocket plushie” as a bonus.

A new trailer and overview are posted below.

Story of Seasons is the beginning of a new chapter in the “Bokujo Monogatari” series, a long-standing and top-selling farming/life simulation franchise. Though the series is reborn with a new name, it continues the well-loved traditions of customizable farms, animal care and relationship-building toward the goal of getting married and starting a family.

After creating a customized character, players can live out a new life by cultivating their favorite fruits and vegetables while expanding and filling their farm with their choice of animals. Fans of past games in the series will love the many new additions on display here, including an enhanced variety of seeds, pets, and other ways to make their farms truly their own. But the major addition is the new theme of “connectivity,” as trading with other countries will help grow the player’s crop variety and wallet, as well as the prosperity of the entire town. Players can also connect locally via WiFi to visit one another’s farms and tend crops as a team, expanding both their harvests and their friendships.

This game will launch on March 31, 2015 in North America, and has been rated “E10+” for Everyone ages 10 and up by the ESRB.


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