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Switch eShop

Out of seemingly nowhere, publisher Wizard Games has released a new free-to-play twin-stick shooter known as Turbo Shot on the Switch eShop.  This seems to be the Canadian publisher’s first dive into the console market.  As for the game itself, it’s packing not only a full-on single player campaign, but an ever-evolving 12-player PvP mode, complete with weekly content and planned seasons of new content.

Here’s a deeper dive into this new adventure, via Nintendo:

Monster Hunter Rise demo

It seems the release of Monster Hunter Rise’s demo was more popular than Nintendo anticipated, as the eShop experienced high traffic and slowdowns as soon as it was released a few hours ago. Shortly after these issues, Nintendo Japan announced via their official Twitter that the eShop is now undergoing emergency maintence to work out the problems caused by increased traffic.

This official announcement from Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account is included below.

The eShop still appears to be down as of this reporting (in both Japan and the US), and no official time has been posted for when it will be back up. However, stay posted and there should be updates regarding this situation soon.


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