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The Alliance Alive

Famitsu has a next batch of details about FuRyu’s new RPG The Alliance Alive in this week’s issue. Three main battle features are explained.

During battles, characters may raise their morale based on the movements chosen by players. Once morale has reached a certain point, they will activate something called “Ignition”.

Famitsu’s final issue of 2016 features another big report on The Alliance Alive. This week’s information batch covers various aspects about the game, including weapons, magic, and plenty more.

Our translation of Famitsu’s report is as follows:

The Ark Ship Brionac

The only ark ship in this universe that can go through the Black Current to travel between worlds. Created by an unknown civilization, many features are included. This will become the player’s moving base after it’s obtained, allowing for destinations to be chosen as well as form the party. Famitsu notes that Brionac’s bridge looks like a shrine, and each character will have their own personal room.

53 minutes of footage from The Alliance Alive was shown during a Famitsu live stream today. We’ve posted the full recording below.

The Alliance Alive screenshots

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FuRyu prepared a few new screenshots from The Alliance Alive today. View the latest images of the 3DS RPG in the gallery below.

The Alliance Alive will release in Japan on March 30, FuRyu revealed during a live stream event in Japan today. The game will cost 6,280 yen.

Famitsu intends to showcase the game during a live stream on December 8. Additionally, on December 23, director/producer Masataka Matsuura will be on hand to talk more about the RPG.


This week’s issue of Famitsu contains a six-page article on The Alliance Alive, FuRyu’s new RPG and successor of sorts to The Legend of Legacy. A couple of the pages were rehash, but new information was included as well.

To recap, the game follows a story in which the Demon Clan invaded the human world thousands of years ago. After the lands were split apart, they are now ruled by a caste system that puts the Demon Clan at the top.

The Alliance Alive commercial

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A new commercial has been published for The Alliance Alive, FuRyu’s new 3DS RPG that follows The Legend of Legacy. Check it out below.


The Alliance Alive boxart

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Amazon Japan has shared the official boxart for FuRyu’s new 3DS RPG, The Alliance Alive. Take a look at the packaging shot above.


The Alliance Alive was initially revealed through Jump, but Famitsu provides an extensive follow-up report last week. Much of it has been covered already, but we do have some additional information, including tidbits from the developers which weren’t touched on a few days ago.

In The Alliance Alive, the premise is that a thousand years ago, the Demon Clan invaded the human world to control a chaotic energy that could endanger the demon world. The Demon Clan also set up a Giant Barrier here that disrupted weather and caused the sky to no longer be blue, as well as causing earthquakes and generating a Black Current on the sea that split the land into several zones, consuming many other cities and killing about half of the whole human population. A few hundred years later, each of these zones were put into their own administrations by the Demon Clan, having unique cultures as well as a caste system that puts the Demon Clan at the top.

Three of the many zones split by the Black Current are introduced in this first batch:

FuRyu has now launched the full website for The Alliance Alive, its upcoming 3DS RPG. Access it here. Find some screenshots and art rounded up from the site below.