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Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life appears to be off to a good start from a sales perspective. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently told Kotaku, “The Tomodachi Life numbers were significantly stronger than we had forecasted and planned.” Reggie explained that this is because the 3DS is “a vibrant platform.”

ON THIS EPISODE: A great round of what we played this week! Much more talk about Mario Kart 8 to kick things off, Laura and Austin discuss the strange world of Tomodachi Life, and Jack and Austin praise 1001 Spikes! It’s a good thing.

PLUS: We talk about some brief E3 predictions, and halfway through we decide to start marking down our YES/NO predictions in order to check them next week and see how we did.

AND: Listener mail rounds out the day, as usual. We talk about how to review games (as usual), some E3 stuff, and whether or not you can use your 3DS in a sauna.

This Week’s Podcast Crew: Austin, Jack, and Laura

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The first wave of Tomodachi Life reviews are in, and they seem to be mixed to say the least! Here’s a roundup of the initial verdicts:

Polygon – 7.5 / 10
GameTrailers – 6 / 10
Destructoid – 9 / 10
USGamer – 4 / 5
Game Informer – 7 / 10
Joystiq – 3.5 / 5
IGN – 8.6 / 10
EDGE – 7 / 10
DigitalSpy – 3 / 5
Eurogamer – 5 / 10
Nintendo Life – 8 / 10

Nintendo UK have announced through their Twitter account a special pre-order offer for Tomodachi Life. Anyone who pre-orders the game through the Nintendo UK store will get £5 off their next order with the store. Tomodachi Life is due for release on the 6th of June in the UK, so better be quick if you want to take advantage of this offer!


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