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Youkai Watch 2

This month’s issue of CoroCoro reveals that a new version of Youkai Watch 2 is in the works. Level-5 will release Youkai Watch 2: Star Performer in Japan on December 13. Pricing is set at 4,968 yen.

The new version of Youkai Watch 2 will new Youkai and quests as well as an anime episode that connects to the upcoming movie. Players will be able to transfer data from the original games (Ganso/Honke). Additionally, extras are planned like medals for the retail launch.

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Famitsu are reporting that Level-5’s smash hit Youkai Watch 2 has already shipped 2 million copies in Japan in it’s opening 3 weeks, with the number of sold copies  not too far behind that number. The game is currently a Japanese exclusive which makes these numbers even more impressive and poses the question of whether or not these sales are enough to incentivise Level-5 to invest in a Western localisation.


Youkai Watch 2 launched in Japan on July 10th and managed to sell 1.3 million copies during the first few days of availability. Incredibly, Media Create reveals that the “Honke” version sold through 95.53 percent of its initial shipment while the “Ganso” version experienced an 88.77 percent sell-through rate.

Essentially, people really want to play Youkai Watch 2. And even though Level-5 pushed out well over a million copies for the game’s launch, that wasn’t nearly enough to satiate demand.


With 1.3 million copies sold in its first week, Youkai Watch 2 experienced the highest debut for any game in Level-5’s recent history.

At the moment, Inazuma Eleven, Professor Layton, and The Little Battlers are Level-5’s other big franchises. Here’s a look at the highest openings from each of these series:

(2008) Professor Layton and the Unwound Future – 347,360
(2010) Inazuma Eleven 3: Lightning Bolt/Bomb Blast – 505,161
(2011) The Little Battlers – 166,187

As you can see, none of these games come close to the success of Youkai Watch 2.


According to a Famitsu report, Youkai Watch 2 has managed to sell more than 1,281,096 copies in its first four days. Just before launch, pre-orders were said to have been at over 800,000 units. The game was expected to be Japan’s first million-seller, and it has accomplished that feat in less than a week.


Youkai Watch 2 is expected to be a huge seller for Level-5. And based on pre-order data, that definitely seems to be the case.

Media Create reveals that pre-orders for Youkai Watch 2 were initially at 786,000 units before climbing to 814,000 copies. That number could have been even higher given continued inquiries from consumers, but the game sold out before launch and retailers closed reservations.

Media Create anticipates that Youkai Watch 2 will be Japan’s first million-seller of 2014.


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