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Youkai Watch 2

Level-5 is launching Youkai Watch 2 tomorrow with a patch. The update addresses a bug that says the game doesn’t recognize save data when you first start the game.

Youkai Watch 2’s 1.1 patch will be available for retail copies on the eShop. It will be automatically included with the downloadable version.


A day 1 patch for Youkai Watch 2 is apparently available for players who already have a copy of the game in Japan. Along with the purchase of the game, a QR code is included with the box that takes 3DS systems straight to the eShop to download. Currently it’s unknown what the day 1 patch adds,  it could possibly be related to some of the announcements of last week’s Nintendo Direct. We’ll update the post as new information surfaces


The Youkai Watch 2 Nintendo Direct will be going live shortly! You can check it out below live and the story will be updated with information as it comes out (Thanks NintenDaan!)

  • Direct was hosted by Level-5 president Akihiro Hino
  • Explained a lot of the gameplay mechanics and concepts, many of which we’ve seen before
  • Demonstrates a lot of the cross-media aspects relating to the anime, manga and other lines
  • World appears to be more expansive than in the first game
  • Riding the train in-game will bring you to new locations not available in the regular world (such as a beach or rural town)
  • One of the new Youkai’s is an Onigiri Samurai
  • The game features various mini-games such as bike racing
  • Bosses can join your team, an example was shown in a bath house setting
  • Multiplayer net-play is available for regular battles and the new Youkai Watch busters mode where you play as Youkai
  • There are multiple version of Youkai Watch 2, preseumably with their own special Youkai
  • DLC will be featured in the game but it appears to be free
  • Special content available for those who owned the original
  • A special version of the Youkai Jibanyan will be available depending on whether you download or buy the packaged copy of the game

And that’s a wrap! We’ve got the archive embedded below

Youkai Watch 2 details

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Level-5 published new Youkai Watch 2 details today covering multiplayer and more. You can find the latest information about the game below.

“Youkai Watch Busters” mode

– Different from the turn-based RPG style
– Supports up to 4 players
– Fight demons in a full-scale action game
– Choose a course, a youkai to play as
– You then proceed to the exit within the time limit with other players
– You’ll find many demons patrolling along the way
– Game over if health hits zero
– Get different end-course rewards depending on how many “Demon Orbs” you pick up

Standard multiplayer mode

– Fight against other players in turn-based RPG battles
– Play against friends or people you don’t know online
– Trade youkai online as well

Other details

– A Lost Grandma – a grandma is lost; help her get to where she needs to be for a reward
– Whimsy Gates – discover a number of gates throughout town, each with a different mission to complete
– One Whimsy Gate might task you with clearing a certain number of enemies,
– Another might give you a time limit, or pit you against a powerful boss enemy
– Earn a “Gate Ball” each time you clear a gate
– Get a special reward if you collect a lot of them
– Oden Food Carts – At night, Oden food carts will always appear somewhere in town
– Although there are some human-run food carts, you’ll also come across the food cart of yokai Oden Jin, who’s searching for the finest ingredients for his oden
– Fox Marital Processions – When you come upon fox spirit weddings taking place, you must keep your human status from being exposed
– To do that, you’ll have to adopt the same poses that the foxes on screen, as well catch fireballs that pop out by spinning the outer circle on the touch screen
– Wandering Tunnel – There is a tunnel in the mountains whose length changes each time you enter
– No one knows where it ends, and you can only enter once a day
– Mystery of the Bulletin Board – Mysterious bulletin boards will appear all over town
– If you solve their riddles, a monster will be summoned, which can have various effects
– Ex: Robo-Nyan breaking through a rock that blocked the player from progressing where he previously could not
– Those who purchase both versions of the game can access a special dungeon


A few Youkai Watch 2 scans have appeared today giving us a look at some of the game’s Yo-kais and some more in-game screenshots. A translation for the scans are not yet available but we’ll update the post as soon as that information surfaces.

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