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Youkai Watch 2

Level-5 has announced another significant milestone for its Yo-Kai Watch series. The franchise’s second entry, Yo-Kai Watch 2, has shipped over 6 million units in Japan. That’s across all three versions and includes both retail shipments and download sales.


Level-5 continues to announce positive sales news Youkai Watch 2. Between the first two versions that came out in July and the just-launched Shinuchi edition, sales have now surpassed five million units in Japan.

Naturally, Level-5 is far from done with Youkai Watch. The company said in its announcement today that various developments for the series are currently being prepared.

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Level-5 has announced that the original Youkai Watch 2 games – Ganso and Honke – have sold over 3 million copies in Japan since launch.

Additionally, pre-orders for Youkai Watch 2: Shinuchi have topped 1 million units. This version launches in Japan on December 13.


Level-5 has announced that shipments of Youkai Watch 2 have reached the 3 million mark in just about four months.

At retail the game has sold over 2,800,000 units and if you include the eshop version the total sales of the game are well over the 3 million mark.

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A patch for Youkai Watch 2 will be out in Japan on December 13, Level-5 has announced. The update will be available for the game’s two versions, and offers the following:

– S-rank version of Jibanyan and Koma-san
– New boss for the Youkai Busters mod
– “Honke” version nets you Super Saiyan Koma-san
– “Ganso” version nets you “Super Saiyan Jibanyan
– Both bosses are included in Youkai Watch 2: Shinuchi

The December update will also allow players of the original Youkai Watch 2 games to transfer save data to the new Shinuchi version. By connecting all three versions, you can obtain the Black Oni.

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Youkai Watch 2 has been a massive success in Japan having sold nearly three million units. The game’s third version, Shinuchi, is also expected to sell a ton.

Media Create mentions in its latest report that pre-orders of Shinuchi reached 231,000 copies in just two weeks. Reservations for the game are in line with Youkai Watch 2’s previous versions. That’s quite impressive, especially given how pre-orders for Shinuchi began later than the first two Youkai Watch 2 titles.


Level-5 has shared official details about Youkai Watch 2: Shinuchi. You can find them rounded up in the summary below.

– Includes a special “Buchinyan” medal
– This can be read as a 3DS QR code to get the “Jibakoma”
– Digital version exclusive “Masked Nyan” also available
– As previously mentioned, save data can be transferred from the other versions
– The game contains a special Orochi Kyubi and other special yokai monsters that can join your party
– Each version of Youkai Watch 2 has its own exclusive yokai
– Trade medals between all versions
– Stories that weren’t told in the first two versions will be available
– This includes a character quest with Dark Nyan and another with Ubaune
– Action mode: “Yo-kai Watch Busters”
– The mode will feature stronger enemies, which can be taken on with parties of up to four players
– This mode also features exclusive bosses from the other versions of the game


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