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Zeboyd Games

Yesterday, the fast-paced turn-based JRPG comedy Cthulhu Saves Christmas landed on Switch. Take a look at some footage below.

Cthulhu Saves Christmas is out now on the Switch eShop. A physical release is coming soon from Limited Run Games.

Cosmic Star Heroine developer Zeboyd Games is bringing its turn-based RPG comedy Cthulhu Saves Christmas to Switch, the developer has announced. It will release digitally on October 28.

Limited Run Games is also getting involved and plans to offer a physical release. Pre-orders for the digital version open on November 6.

Here’s an overview of Cthulhu Saves Christmas, along with a trailer:

Limited Run Games has opened pre-orders for Cosmic Star Heroine. You can reserve your copy here.

Note that pre-orders close on December 7. There is no collector’s edition this time around, so fans can only reserve a standard copy.

Earlier this month, Cosmic Star Heroine debuted on Switch. Developer Zeboyd Games shared some information yesterday about the game has been performing on the eShop.

As of August 22, the Switch version was “tracking a bit under what Steam did in a similar time.” Despite not being “a big hit,” given that it’s a port, “the extra sales is appreciated.”

During a live stream this week, Limited Run Games showed off Cosmic Star Heroine on Switch with nearly an hour of footage. We have the recording below.

Cosmic Star Heroine will make its debut on Switch when it launches digitally on August 14, Limited Run Games has announced. Pre-orders will open soon with a 10% discount. A physical version will follow in 2018 / early 2019.

We have the following overview and trailer for Cosmic Star Heroine:

Cosmic Star Heroine is coming to Switch, thanks to Limited Run Games. The company is teaming up with Zeboyd Games on the title.

We’ll be seeing Cosmic Star Heroine on Switch this August on the eShop, with a physical version to follow. Find more details and a trailer below.

Zeboyd Games has unfortunately struggled with getting Cosmic Star Heroine on Switch. Despite reaching out to Nintendo numerous times, creator Robert Boyd hasn’t been able to make a port happen.

Fortunately, the game could finally appear on Switch via a third-party. Boyd told USgamer that a contractor has reached out to Zeboyd about a port, “and their terms were quite favorable.” While nothing has been signed just yet, Boyd is “optimistic.”

Cosmic Star Heroine originally debuted last year to a generally favorable reception. Here’s some information about the game, along with a trailer:

Although not absolutely confirmed, it appears that Cosmic Star Heroine will be making an appearance on Switch. Robert Boyd from Zeboyd Games put out a message on Twitter that a port will probably be happening later this year.

The tweet is below:

Boyd previously mentioned wanting to bring over Cosmic Star Heroine. However, he had major issues with getting a dev kit and reaching Nintendo overall. That just changed this week when Boyd heard from Nintendo of America’s Damon Baker.

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