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Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

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– Article up going through all of the Nintendo handhelds
– Nintendo been updating handhelds every 1-2 years
– GBA and DS were supposed to coexist but that didn’t happen
– Bozon feels more could have been done with GBA before moving on to the DS
– TMNT game that came out on consoles wasn’t good but one on GBA was a lot of fun

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

– An average but fun game for Wii
– Had to cut a lot of corners to put it on Wii
– Cut out the ability to use camera
– Daemon still has fun mowing down zombies
– Average but totally average and playable game
– Short game – under 10 hours
– Will probably be a rental for most people
– When you use certain weapons zombies just wait to be killed
– Game is really easy – might have scaled back the difficulty
– The point: Daemon had fun playing it, could have been a lot worse, could have been a lot better
– Zombies pop up out of nowhere
– Using the RE4 engine but doesn’t look as good as RE4
– Craig thinks it’s strange to use the RE engine for Dead Rising – different kinds of designs


According to 2008 data from the Nielsen Company, the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii are not the most used console in terms of usage minutes. Sony’s PS2 actually leads the way and commands 31.7% of total minutes spent. Strangely, only about 38% sessions are spent on next-gen systems.

Two other relatively old systems – the Xbox and PS3 – are hanging in as well. The GameCube stands at the end of the pack with 4.6% of usage minutes, but the original Xbox stands at 9.7% which is a bit more than the PS3.

The complete standings are as follows: PlayStation 2 (31.7%), Xbox 360 (17.2%), Wii (13.4%), Xbox (9.7%), PlayStation 3 (7.3%), GameCube (4.6%), Other (16.2%).

Some of this data might be related to the number of consoles sold. The PS2 commands the majority yet isn’t really considered a next-gen system. One possible case could relate to the install base behind the console. The same goes for Wii – There’s a good chance that most casual gamers own the Wii, so they’re probably not going to sink their teeth into a huge adventure like Zelda or Super Mario Galaxy. Of course, none of these assumptions/guesses have been proven to be correct.

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For those unlucky few who have missed out on classic titles on the GameCube will end up having another chance to experience them on Wii. Up until now, Nintendo has confirmed that the re-releases will obviously be available in Japan, and later, Europe. Strangely, Nintendo of America has not really provided any word on an NA timeframe, let alone an official confirmation. Based on new details coming from the ESRB however, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll at least be seeing Pikmin 1 and 2 in North America soon.

The ESRB has rated both titles under the Wii category. Previously, the two titles stood alone as GameCube games. The Pikmin titles are apparently the only two GameCube re-releases that have been rated for Wii – and have been announced by Nintendo. The ESRB doesn’t always gurentee a release (ASH, for instance, as far as we know), though the odds are more than favorable for the re-releases to launch in North America in the future.

Thanks for the news tip, Jake!

“The GameCube conversions will be available across Europe too. However, it’s too early to announce or discuss specific details at this time.” – Nintendo of Europe representative

I have to admit, I was pretty surprised to hear about the re-releases when the news hit last night. It’s definitely good news for those who missed out on some classics!


Nintendo revealed at their fall press conference today that titles such as Pikmin and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, previously GameCube titles, will be re-released for Wii. The games will be made so that old GameCube titles will now be playable on Wii. These games are part of the “Games You Can Play on Wii Selection” group of titles.

To most, this year’s E3 was the most disappointing Nintendo conference over the past three years  – even more so than last year – due to Nintendo’s increasingly blatant focus on the casual audience. How exactly did Nintendo’s most recent press conference stack up to its previous two years though? Well, over the past three years, the total of games the company has decided to present – for both Wii and DS – have declined considerably. Believe it or not, this applies to third-parties as well. Overall, E3 2008 saw the biggest shift in Nintendo’s attention and also saw a big drop in titles. It will be very interesting to see how Nintendo approaches next year’s E3 if they continue on this pace – if there is another E3, that is. Below are a number of statistics that compare different categories for Nintendo’s three latest press conferences.

Total number of games discussed

E3 2006 – 43
E3 2007 – 28
E3 2008 – 11

Total number of Wii games discussed

E3 2006 – 29
E3 2007 – 19
E3 2008 – 7

Total number of DS games discussed

E3 2006 – 14
E3 2007 – 9
E3 2008 – 4

While THQ has seen tripped losses – $27 million, in fact – the Wii and DS have been a brightspot for the company. According to, both systems have provided earnings of $23.3 million – just slightly more than the PC. Ubisoft singled out Wall-E and Big Beach Sports as two of their top-sellers.

The top 10 list for THQ revenue can be seen below:

* 1. Nintendo DS ($27.3 million)
* 2. Nintendo Wii ($23.3 million)

* 3. PC ($23.2 million)
* 4. Xbox 360 ($20.1 million)
* 5. PlayStation 2 ($19.9 million)
* 6. PlayStation Portable ($10.4 million)
* 7. PlayStation 3 ($6.7 million)
* 8. Mobile ($5.1 million)
* 9. Game Boy Advance ($1.6 million)
* 10. GameCube ($53,000)


Christian Svensson, Capcom’s Sr. Director of Strategic Planning & Research has been providing Nintendo fans with tons of details about the company and possible upcoming details the past few weeks. Today was no exception, as Svensson once again divulged quite a bit of new information. First, some of you may remember Dead Phoenix, a game that Capcom showed off for the GameCube years ago. The game drew many comparisons to Kid Icarus, but eventually, the game slid under the radar and was canned. A good portion of the gaming community hoped for the revival of the game, perhaps by partially remolding the game as we knew it. Unfortunately, it looks like not even this is possible. Said Svensson, “As far as CEI resurrecting it, frankly, we have enough things on our plate at the moment and enough ideas in the pipeline that we don’t need to be going back to that well.”

Additionally, we found out a few months back that Monster Hunter 3 was canceled for the PS3 and moved to Wii. The main reason that we heard about seemed to be relate to high development costs of creating a PS3 title, yet Svenson has noted, “It was a strategic decision set by the team and our Japanese management to address an emerging market on the Wii. At the time the decision was made, it was in reference to the Wii market in general, no particular sub-segement thereof.” So, the idea of saving money was definitely a motivating factor, but the fact that the Wii has been a dominant force in the gaming market seemed to influence the decision significantly, too.

The last bit of information concerns Dead Rising. Many fans of the game were enamored with the game since literally everything in the environment is capable of becoming a tool for destruction. Don’t get any quick ideas that the game will be coming to the Wii, however. Unlike Okami, there are no plans for a Dead Rising remake for the Wii (or any news on the game at all for that matter). Although, it is interesting to know that there would be no legal issues with releasing Dead Rising on a different platform, as Christian Svensson explained on the Capcom community forums.


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