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Ever Oasis

Ever Oasis director Koichi Ishii is back with a new blog post. This time around, he goes over the actual oasis by sharing new details and concept art.

In the past, the desert world Vistrahda used to be lush green with lots of oases, and was brimming with life. However, due to the appearance of Chaos, the desert animals turned into Chaos Monsters, plants could no longer be raised, and the oases around the world necame reduced. Right now only a few oases and Beastmen settlements remain.

Those who do not live in either oases or settlements are traveling in the harsh and dangerous deserts. They have to endure scorching heat in day and hide themselves from violent Chaos Monsters in night, and they sleep in caves.

Nintendo of Europe has launched the full & updated website for the upcoming 3DS game Ever Oasis in various languages; the English version can be found here.

There’s not a whole lot of new information to be found there, but it does give a nice overview of the game’s three core gameplay aspects (exploring the desert, fighting monsters & expanding your oasis) and there are tons of screenshots to look at.


The Nintendo UK store is offering a special bonus for Ever Oasis on its official online store. When you reserve the “Fan Pack”, you’ll be given the set of badges pictured above. Pre-orders can be placed here.

Nintendo gave Ever Oasis a June 23 release date during its most recent Nintendo Direct. With the action RPG just a couple of months away, a North American teaser site is open. Access it here.

Aside from a trailer and screenshots, the page also has a fact sheet providing a general overview. We’ve attached the full thing below.

Nintendo put up another new Ever Oasis blog this week, led by director Koichi Ishii. Ishii went in-depth about how the world of Vistrahda was made.

Each time Ishii creates a new game, he always starts by coming up with the world setting. He draws the world map while considering various points like:

– Is the world a planet?
– What are the chemical elements that compose the planet?
– How do the climate and regions form based on those elements?
– What kinds of creatures live there?
– Are there humans and sub-human races?
– How do those humanoids live there?
– What are the personalities and traits of each race?
– What kind of tools are being used?
– What kind of things change with the passing of time?

Nintendo released some (Japanese) gameplay footage of Ever Oasis on Youtube. This brief video shows the characters traveling through various parts of the world and visiting a variety of locations, from desert fields to mysterious caves. Give it a watch:

Ever Oasis intro trailer

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Nintendo has gone live with a new trailer for Ever Oasis. The new video providing a general overview of the game can be found below.

Ever Oasis details

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Nintendo World Report went live with a preview today for Grezzo’s upcoming 3DS game Ever Oasis. Find the latest details below.

– Demo took place at the beginning of the adventure
– Party of three, led by main character Tethu, began in the main Oasis hub
– One traveler named Jasper lost something out in the wilds of the desert
– Desert overworld is filled with enemies to fight and dungeons and caves to explore
– Map on the bottom screen shows what direction to go to for your quest
– Each of your three characters has a weak and strong attack at the outset
– Tethu had a sword
– Miura wielded a spear
– Roto is a healer who throws a ranged boomerang
– More abilities available as you level up
– Tethu has access to a special attack that fires off a tornado at enemies
– Useful against flying enemies since it brings them to the ground
– One character has a giant hammer that could be used for a powerful special attack
– Along the way, each character also learns combo attacks that can be used to do more damage
– Control one character at a time
– Switch between them by pressing a button
– Day/night cycle in the game
– Enemies get tougher when the sun goes down
– When a party member falls, you can control another one to try to revive them by jamming on the A button near their body
– If your whole party fails, you can be revived instantly once
– Failing again reverts you to your last save
– Caves and dungeons house puzzles and secrets that can usually only be accessed by certain characters
– A room off to the side of one cave could only be reached by combining Miura’s power to flip large objects and Roto’s ability to turn into a little ball
– Miura set up a path for Roto to ricochet off, and then Roto bounced around to a side room
– Large rocks can only be broken by big weapons
– Sand piles can be swept away by Tethu’s tornado ability
– Buried treasure can be unearthed by a digging character
– Warp points
– Run into characters who can unlock other optional side quests or encourage the character to visit the Oasis
– After clearing Jasper’s quest, he will join your roster with the power to dig
– Visitors will enter your Oasis with more quests
– Build new shops to increase the prosperity of the main hub area
– Synthesize new weapons
– Can reorganize the three-character party


New Ever Oasis footage

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Similar to Hey! Pikmin, new footage for Ever Oasis is starting to arrive. Videos that are published today will be posted here.

This week, Ever Oasis director and producer Koichi Ishii put up a new blog post on Nintendo’s website. Various characters were introduced, and we also have new screenshots and art.

Ishii started out by saying how he was glad to receive many positive comments about the characters when Ever Oasis was shown during the latest Nintendo Direct. People were mentioning things like Tethu and Esna looking cute as well as some wanting a Penkrow plushie.

In this developer blog, Ishii introduced these characters. They are designed by famed illustrator Yoshinori Shizuma. The post covers what things the team were thinking of when making the characters, and how they ultimately ended up.

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