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Thanks to VincentASM from Serenes Forest and Gematsu, even more details have come in for Fire Emblem Echoes. The latest information was transcribed from the official site. The timeline of events, characters, system, and battle are all covered here. We’ve rounded up all of the details below. 


Approximately 3000 years before the story

– At the land of Valentia, the sibling gods Duma and Mila went to war
– At the end of an arduous battle, Duma and Mila divided Valentia into two
– North ruled by Duma
– South ruled by Mila
– Boths sides declared to never invade the other
– This was the covenant of the gods

Year 1

– A sage with knowledge of the celestial bodies’ motions introduced the notion of a calendar system to Mila, who acknowledged it
– This year was chosen as the first year of the Valentia Calendar

Nintendo opened the Japanese Fire Emblem Echoes website today. You can access it here.

The site has a few gameplay clips, posted below. If you visit the page, you can also listen to some music from the game.

The next Grand Hero Battle in Fire Emblem Heroes will start on March 24. The battle will be against Michalis, the Ambitious King, and will most likely unlock him for your army like the previous events.


Fire Emblem Heroes has announced a pretty massive update slated for April. The update will include some tweaks to the basic game, as well as a few new features. These are as follows:

  • Merging Heroes will allow one Hero to inherit the Skills of another. Previously, merging Heroes only granted bonus stats, but now it will allow duplicate Heroes to pass on skills they have learned.
  • Hero Merit: a new stat for Heroes. Different Heroes will gain Hero Merit by participating in battles and, once their Merit is high enough, will earn Hero Feathers. Duplicate Heroes will share the Merit stat.
  • New battle rule sets: there will be two new rules on battles. Defense maps will be beaten by lasting a certain number of rounds, rather than clearing all enemies. Some maps will also have Reinforcements, where more enemy units will spawn.
  • Arena matchmaking: being tweaked to increase score and balance. Players will no longer be matched up against opponents based on total base stats, but rather on four factors: character levels/ratings, bonuses gained through Merge Allies, total base stats after removing skills, and equipped skills.
  • Notifications will only display once a day.
  • You can view descriptions of Bonus Heroes in the Arena.
  • There are also more Grand Hero Battles on the horizon, with time frames as follows:

    A few new gameplay videos have surfaced for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Find the full set attached below.

    This week’s issue of Famitsu has a new preview on Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. The magazine provides new information about characters and systems in the game. Find a roundup of early details below, courtesy of Siliconera.


    Berkut (CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki)

    – Emperor Rigel’s nephew
    – Aristocrat that places great importance on social status
    – Guided the coup d’etat in Zofia by luring Desaix into betraying, and such

    Effie (CV: Atsumi Tanezaki)

    – Alm’s childhood friend
    – Joins the liberation army wit the sole thought of wanting to be by Alm at all times
    – Starting class: “Villager”

    Silque (CV: Yuka Inokuchi)

    – Was saved by Alm after being imprisoned by bandits
    – Entrusts her with a royal treasure called “Mila’s Gear”
    – Starting class: Sister


    – Choose between “Normal” and “Hard” when first starting
    – Can also choose battle rules between “Classic” that has perma-deaths after battles and “Casual” that allows any fallen characters to revive once back on the map
    – Royal Treasure “Mila’s Gear”: special item for battles to rewind the movement of a unit
    – Mila’s Gear has limited uses
    – Since there is no weapon affinity in the game, topography effects are crucial
    – Ex: if you try to hit a character in a forest, accuracy lowered by 40%
    – Magic ignores topography
    – Magic uses HP


    A few hours ago, Fire Emblem Heroes added in its new Blazing Shadows Event. We’ve posted some footage of it below.

    Nintendo has released a video highlighting the new Heroes added to Fire Emblem Heroes. You can watch it below:

    Fire Emblem Heroes has added some new Heroes from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade to its lineup, as well as a new Focus to summon them, Paralogue Maps, and some Quests. The new characters are as follows:

  • Karel: Sword Demon (Red Sword)
  • Ninan: Oracle of Destiny (Blue Dragon)
  • Rebecca: Wildflower (Bow)
  • Jaffar: Angel of Death (Shruiken)
  • Priscilla: Delicate Princess (Staff)
  • Lucius: The Light (Staff)
  • The Event will be live until March 30. There are also new Paralogue Maps featuring the characters that are added to the game, as well as Quests for these maps that will run until March 30.

    Finally, the rewards for last week’s Voting Gauntlet are now live. All players will receive 20 Orbs, 5 of each Great Badge, and 5000 Universal Crystals. These will be sent to your gift box upon logging in.

    This update includes a required 17.3 MB download.

    Fire Emblem Heroes’ Voting Gauntlet has ended, with Lucina claiming victory, and a new Play Everyday Event has begun, which will give bonus rewards to players.

    There are multiple parts of the Play Everyday Event. Players can earn a one-time login bonus of 10 Dueling Crests by logging in before April 1. There are also special Quests that will start tomorrow, March 14, and run until April 11. While these are active, there will be challenges available for Arena Duels that can be cleared daily, with Hero Feathers and Orbs as the rewards.

    Finally, there are two changes that do not have a specified end period. Starting March 14, Arena Duels will make it easier to earn Hero Feathers. The announcement does not specify if players will earn more points, if the Feather rewards are greater, or something else. Also, the Weekend Log-in Bonus is being changed to a Daily Log-in Bonus, with each day offering up a bonus reward for logging in in addition to the Orb log-in bonus. These are as follows:

  • Monday – 100 Hero Feather
  • Tuesday – 1 Stamina Potion
  • Wednesday – 1 Dueling Crest
  • Thursday – 100 Hero Feathers
  • Friday – 1 Stamina Potion
  • Saturday – 1 Dueling Crest
  • Sunday – 1 Orb
  • Rewards for the Voting Gauntlet have not been distributed yet, although they will be in the future. There is also a Twitter campaign where, if enough specific tweets get over 50,000 retweets, all players will receive 5 Orbs. The tweet from the official Fire Emblem Heroes account can be found here.

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