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Inti Creates once again showed Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 during a live stream in Japan. Check out some additional gameplay below.

Azure Striker Gunvolt has topped 170,000 copies sold on 3DS, Inti Creates announced today. The previous milestone was 160,000 in late May.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 is due out on September 30. Yacht Club Games will publish Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack on the same day, which is a physical version of both titles.


Koji Igarashi was present at BitSummit this past weekend to show off Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. During the event, Igarashi was featured playing the game’s demo under certain restrictions. He needed to complete it under five minutes, without killing enemies (aside from the boss needed to progress), and without using backdashes and healing potions.

Here’s a look at his run:


Update: Here’s Yacht Club’s official video:

Strangely it’s about half as long, so we’ve kept our original recording in place.

Inti Creates and Yacht Club Games are teaming up for the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack in the west. But the two sides are working together on a second collaboration that was unveiled at BitSummit today.

During a Nindies panel at the event, a trailer was shown for amiibo support in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. The video, posted below, highlights how players can challenge Shovel Knight to a fight while controlling Copen or Gunvolt.

The Shovel Knight sprite was designed by well-known pixel artist Masaya Suzuki from Inti Creates. Suzuki has worked on classic series including Breath of Fire and Mega Man Zero.

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack publisher Yacht Club Games put up an official post with a little more information on the upcoming physical 3DS release.

First, let’s get a few key things out of the way. The boxart is attached above. To reiterate, you’ll be able to pick up the dual package on September 30 for $29.99.

And the trailer:

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack is still technically just confirmed for North America even though it’s been rated in Australia. Regarding Europe, Yacht Club said to “stay tuned”, and added: “We’re highly encouraging Inti Creates to make a retail release a reality in Europe as well. So be sure to tell them you think the same!”

Lastly, Yacht Club wrote the following about publishing:

A real bolt from the blue, right!? When we said we were a publisher last year, we bet you didn’t expect that we’d be publishing other companies’ games! Neither did we! Honestly, we never thought we’d be jumping further into the realm of publishing. However, Inti Creates saw Shovel Knight’s physical release and reached out to us to see if we’d be interesting in doing the same for Gunvolt. We couldn’t say no…we love the games they make! Heck, Mega Man 9 was one of our biggest inspirations for Shovel Knight! We were so impressed by the latest Gunvolt 2 as well! The new high-flying playable character Copen is a real blast to play.

So yes, the Yacht Club Games crew has joined the world of physical publishing. Once again, we’re getting a big helping hand from our distributor U&I Entertainment who will be shipping the game out to stores for us. We couldn’t be more honored to join forces with Inti Creates and bring their signature style of action games to players everywhere. As always, we take on surprises like this because of our passion and excitement to see it happen…it’s all about bringing everyone more rad games! We hope everyone who loved Shovel Knight and is interested in a big leap from 8-bit will give Gunvolt a try. We think you’ll all love all the awesome 2D platforming excitement.

This is a new adventure for us, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have all of you, the talented team at Inti Creates, and the amazing team at U&I at our backs to help us bring more 2D action games to store shelves!


Amazon is now taking pre-orders for the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack. Put in an order here.

The Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack was announced for North America last week at Anime Expo. It’ll include both entries in the series on a physical cartridge (Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 and 2). Shovel Knight maker Yacht Club Games will be publishing.

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack is priced at $29.99. Those who have a Prime membership can save 20 percent.

Update: Here’s a trailer for the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack and OVA:

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 will launch on September 30 in the west, Inti Creates revealed at Anime Expo today. You’ll need to fork over $14.99 for the download.

Alternatively, you can spend $30 on the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack, which has finally been confirmed for overseas territories. The package will include both games in the series – Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 and 2. As expected, Yacht Club Games is publishing.

A rating in Australia originally confirmed plans to have the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack in the west. That means it should be released in North America as well as PAL regions.

Also announced today is a special Azure Striker Gunvolt anime OVA for this winter. However, we don’t have specifics just yet.


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Koji Igarashi left Konami after spending over 20 years with the company. By doing so, he was able to launch a very successful Kickstarter for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, a Castlevania spiritual successor.

Speaking about the decision to go independent with GamesRadar, Igarashi said:

“Three or four years ago I was working at Konami and didn’t have the opportunity to [make a game like Symphony of the Night]. When I saw the success of Mighty No. 9’s crowdfunding, it showed that fans can empower the creator and open up new doors. That was the spark I was looking for to leave Konami, go out on my own, be independent.”

Igarashi talked a bit about Bloodstained as well. Rather than focusing on innovation, the team is to provide “classic Igavania-style game” fans have long been requesting.

“My goal with this game is to give [players] that classic Igavania-style game that they want. First and foremost, we’re not shooting for innovation – we’re shooting for reviving that sort of gameplay that people have been wanting for the last five years, and that publishers and developers have really not been offering. So any innovation beyond that is the sort of spice and coolness.”


Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 was playable at E3 2016 a couple of weeks ago. Nintendo World Report now has off-screen footage up from the demo, which we’ve posted below.

DigitalFoundry has returned with another technical analysis. Today, the outlet is taking a look at how Mighty No. 9 shapes up on Wii U. The results unfortunately aren’t pretty.

One of the biggest issues with Mighty No. 9 on Wii U is the frame rate. It’s uncapped, and due to dips, results in a very unstable experience. The action can apparently drop to as low as 12 frames per second.

Loading times can be another cause of frustration. It’s estimated that loading a new stage takes 20 seconds, with tedious waiting also needed after dying.

Here’s the full analysis, including a look at how the patch improves loading times slighty:

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