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Last month, new Mario toys were distributed in McDonald’s Happy Meals in both the UK and Japan. Get a closer look at all of the new offerings below.

The first wave of new Mario toys included with McDonald’s Happy Meals in the UK are here. Six more will be rolled out over the next three weeks. Check out an unboxing video of the first wave courtesy of Nintendo Life below.

A new wave of Mario toys are coming to McDonald’s Happy Meals. These are actually already out in Japan, but are on the way to the UK beginning on January 11.

Nintendo Life has now shared a commercial for the UK promotion as well as images of the toys. If that wasn’t enough, you can see the Happy Meal box and coloring sheet activities below.


A month ago it was announced that Super Mario toys will be coming back as part of McDonald’s UK Happy Meal campaign. Now we have a look at the toys from the Super Mario universe, as a Twitter user got hold of the Mario one early.

It seems that there will be at least 8 figures as part of this advertising campaign. They are expected to be gifted with Happy Meals through this month of January and the first week of February. The promotional leaflets show that the Super Mario toys will be distributed in different waves for 4 weeks.

Additionally, all these toys are part of the same campaign that began today in all McDonald’s restaurants in Japan, though it looks like the UK will get fewer Super Mario figures.


As we initially learned at the very end of November, a new wave of Mario toys will be offered at McDonald’s Japan in Happy Meals beginning on January 6. We now have a commercial for the promotion below.

We’ve previously seen Mario toys included in McDonald’s Happy Meals, and now it’s Yo-kai Watch’s turn. Eight different toys from Level-5’s franchise are available in Japan. Continue on below for a video look at the different offerings.

In January, Nintendo and McDonald’s will be extending its partnership for Happy Meals in Japan. A new set of Mario toys will begin to appear starting on January 6.

In the toys, there are gimmicks that reenact the character movements and in-game sounds. Mario has a button that if pressed will move his hands up and down. Yoshi’s back shell can be pushed to move its tongue forward. Peach will spin if she is dragged. Finally, the 1-Up Mushroom will make the related sound effect when pushed.

We heard about the latest plans between Nintendo and McDonald’s in the UK earlier this week, which is beginning at around a similar time.

Continue on below for better photos of the new toys and names for each.

Nintendo and McDonald’s are teaming up once again for another Mario promotion in the UK. Between January 11 and February 7, Happy Meals will be based around the legendary character.

McDonald’s has all sorts of things planned for the event. An official note mentions balloons and a couple of activities plus an eBook promotion. You can s eethe full McDonald’s message after the break.

Nintendo’s relationship with McDonald’s when it comes to Nintendo Zones in Germany is ending. Today, it was announced that these hubs will no longer be available throughout the country starting on April 1. Nintendo will share news about new providers and locations for Nintendo Zone in the future.


A new commercial has gone live featuring the Mario toys that are out now in McDonald’s Happy Meals in Japan. You can watch it below.

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