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Firstly the Enduring Love voting gauntlet has just ended with Tharja taking victory over Sigurd. Next, as 2017 comes to an end the developers of Fire Emblem Heroes would like to thank everyone for playing and are putting out some special maps and limited-time special quests to be completed.

In this week of Pokemon Shuffle we have repeat runs of Delibird, Nihilego, Tornadus Therian Forme and Deoxys. The Chespin (Winking) stage has also begun, plus some new main stages that have been added to Pokemon Shuffle. There is also the Shiny Mega Diancie Escalation Battle which has just started. The Chespin, Nihilego and Tornadus stage will end December 19th, Deoxys on the 26th.


Berkut’s grand hero battle stage has returned in Fire Emblem Heroes and you will be able to do special quests to unlock more goodies, this battle will last til December 14th. On top of this 20 free orbs and 2017 free feathers are being distributed to players for Fire Emblem Heroes winning best game of 2017 on Google play. And finally an additional 5 orbs, 50 refining stones and 500 arena medals are being given to players for erroneous weapon skill descriptions, which have now been corrected.

Antonio, Raddle, Phoebe and Bluebear have just become available to invite over to your campsite in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. They also have furniture they like added to the game too for you to craft. In addition to these new animals it seems a mini event is happening where doing requests for animals will make their friendship grow more quickly, this will last until December 10th.

This time with Pokemon Shuffle we get a new Toxapex stage and new Pokemon Safari including: Morelull, Cutiefly, Shiinotic, Flabébé (Winking) & Floette (Winking). All of these stages will be around til December 19th. On top of that there is a new Fennekin (Winking) stage, Shiny Mega Gardevoir competitive stage and repeat runs of Salazzle and Incineroar stages all lasting to December 12th.


A new summoning focus is now live and will be available from today to December 18th. This focus has three new heroes as the focus: Siegbert, Soleil and Shiro. If your feeling up for it you can try for these three heroes.

Bandai Namco has opened up the My Hero Academia: One’s Justice Japanese website which provides some details about the game and provides some screenshots and art. Here is a short description of the game from Gematsu:


Fight, for every justice—. My Hero Academia appears as a battle action game where “Quirks” collide! Experience diverse battles on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch through realistic stage destruction by using superhuman powers called “Quirks,” and take full advantage of the buildings and walls placed throughout the stage. Go Plus Ultra with My Hero Academia: One’s Justice.

We have two more rare blades shown off before the game’s release. The first character is the older looking ice girl, Tsuki, who is designed by Risa Ebato (satellite corporation) and voiced by Naomi Shindou . The younger looking girl is Nanakori, designed by Risa Ebato (satellite corporation) as well and voiced by Rina Hidaka. Check out their images and videos down below.

The huge Fire Emblem Heroes update became available not too long ago and now we are getting its first summoning focus. The focus will include newcomer Fjorm as well as a ton of rare heroes like Ike, Hector and Spring Xander. All the heroes in the list will have an 8% chance of showing up, so good luck. On top of all that there is also so weapon refinery quests for players to try as well.

Shiny Gardevoir is being distributed for all players in Pokemon Shuffle, so if your looking to get yourself a free Pokemon this would be a good time to login. Celesteela and Froakie (Winking) stages have started, as well as returning stage Mudsdale, all lasting til December 5th. Another new stage featuring Ribombee has started with returning Alolan Raichu accompanying it til December 12th.