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Nintendo Everything recently had the chance to speak with Max Wrighton, director and studio co-lead at Half Past Yellow, about the upcoming game Time on Frog Island. We touched on a variety of topics, including the art style, gameplay, Switch version, and more.

Our full discussion can be found below. 

Kirby and the Forgotten Land just made it to Switch, and players can take advantage of several Present Codes. When registered in-game at Waddle Dee-liveries, they provide a variety of different items.

We have a complete list of all current Kirby and the Forgotten Land Present Codes below. End dates are also noted where applicable. 

The first proper trailer is in for Alice Gear Aegis CS: Concerto of Simulatrix, the upcoming 3D action title for Switch. New gameplay is in as well. This comes as part of a live stream that was hosted earlier today.

We have the new trailer and gameplay for Alice Gear Aegis CS: Concerto of Simulatrix below. Note that the footage in the second video starts at the 32-minute mark.

This month’s EDGE review scores are as follows:

Limited Run Games will be offering a physical version of Super Sami Roll on Switch, the company has announced. 

As another title in its distribution line, there’ll only be a standard release – no special edition. However, a soundtrack bundle will be up for grabs.

Thanks to a listing on the Switch eShop, Rabbids: Party of Legends now has a release date and more details.

The game saw an under-the-radar announcement this week as part of Ubisoft’s latest financial results. It was assumed that this was the localized version of the Switch title that previously released in China, but we now have official confirmation.

Flippin Kaktus arrived on Switch this week, and those that want to get a look at the game can do so with new gameplay. A total of 20 minutes of footage is available.

Below is some information about the “action-driven vendetta”:

The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story has come to Switch, and Square Enix is celebrating with a couple of new trailers. Both provide a final look at the live-action mystery-adventure.

Fore more on The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story, read the following overview:

This week’s Switch eShop charts are as follows:


Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition finally saw the return of classic RPG after two decades, and producer Koichiro Sakamoto spoke about the remaster during a lengthy interview.

Square Enix recently published the discussion with Sakamoto on its site. In it, he commented on why this was the right time for Chrono Cross to return (and revealed that work started with the 20th anniversary in mind), the challenges involved with the remaster, the future of the Chrono series, and more.

Below is the full interview:

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