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GameMill has shared a launch trailer for G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout, its new team-based third-person shooter. Watch it below.

G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout is out today on Switch both physically and digitally.

Konami announced Solomon Program to kick off 2020, but we haven’t heard much about the game in months. That’s finally changed with the latest issue of CoroCoro.

According to the magazine, Solomon Program will launch this winter in Japan. We also have a few new details, including:

Level-5 is preparing a physical version of Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y – Waiwai Gakuen Seikatsu, the latest issue of CoroCoro confirms. That follows the original Japanese release in August.

The physical version of Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y – Waiwai Gakuen Seikatsu is due out on December 17 for 4,800 yen. All updates released thus far will be included.

Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y – Waiwai Gakuen Seikatsu has not been announced for the west at this time.


Team Woodsalt, the developer and publisher behind the sci-fi JRPG Woodsalt, has announced that the title has been delayed from its October 13 release date to December 9 2020. You can check out an overview and trailer for Woodsalt here.

Source: Team Woodsalt PR

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! from Vertigo Games launches on Switch tomorrow, October 14. Check out some gameplay footage below.

Puzzle adventure FRACTER has been announced for the Switch eShop. Check out an overview and trailer below.

DeNA has announced that the next event coming to Pokemon Masters EX will be a story event called Fight or Fright. Slated to start on October 15, this Halloween themed event will feature two variants of Sync Pairs: Acerola & Mimikyu, and Hilbert & Mightyena.

The latest Summoning Event for Fire Emblem Heroes is now live. In this Double Special Heroes Summoning Focus, two 5-star Heroes of each color are available with an initial appearance rate of 6%. The featured Heroes are Mia: Harmonic Blades, Micaiah: Dawn Wind’s Duo, Marth: Legacied Hero, Oboro: Fierce Bride-to-Be, Narcian: Vernal General, Rafiel: Blessed Wings, Nailah: Blessed Queen, and Merric: Changing Wings. This event will be active until October 27.

A new update has gone live for PGA Tour 2K21. It’s fairly substantial, as the team has implemented a number of fixes, adjustments, and improvements.

The full patch notes are as follows:

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted made it to the Switch eShop back in May. But if you’re a collector, you’ll be happy to hear that a physical version is in the works.

A listing for Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted is now up on Amazon with a possible December 15 release date. Pricing is set at $29.99. If you’re interested in picking up a copy, pre-orders are open here.

We’ll also mention that Five Nights at Freddy’s: Core Collection has been rated in Australia. It’s likely that this will bundle another round of Five Nights at Freddy’s games together on Switch as a physical release.

Thanks to Kevin Nunez for the tip.