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ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree characters

Untold Tales and Wilboy Studios are back with another trailer for ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree that shows off the game’s characters. You’ll play as Estra, the daughter of mankind’s last great leader. The game focuses on narrative, so you’ll meet plenty of characters along the way.

Here’s some information about ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree:

HEROish gameplay

HEROish just dropped on Switch, and we have a fresh set of gameplay. 39 minutes of footage shows off the card-battling MOBA-lite.

If you’re interested in learning more about the title, read the following overview:

Toy Soldiers HD Switch gameplay

Toy Soldiers HD finally launched on Switch today, and we have a closer look thanks to new gameplay. 44 minutes of footage has come in.

Everything you need to know about the title can be found in the following overview:

Arcade Archives Bubble Bobble gameplay

Bubble Bobble is the latest Arcade Archives title on Switch, and we have new gameplay. Hamster showed off the title during a live stream this week.

Here’s some information about the release:

Nintendo released a new video today showcasing a few European digital game highlights from December 2022. You can watch it below.

Sixtar Gate: Startrail release date

Publisher CFK, in collaboration with developers Lyrebird Studio and Starlike, have set a release date for the Switch version of Sixtar Gate: Startrail. The game is confirmed to be launching on March 16, 2023.

Sixtar Gate: Startrail is a rhythm game first announced for Switch in September 2021. For more information about the title, continue on below.

Kawaii Slime Arena gameplay

JanduSoft and Mitsuki Game Studio brought Kawaii Slime Arena to Switch this week, and we have a closer look thanks to new gameplay. 16 minutes of footage is available in total.

An overview of the game with more details can be found below.

Breakers Collection trailer

Breakers Collection still has a little ways to go until its ready for primetime, but a launch trailer has already been shared. QUByte Interactive is showing off the collection that contains the original games and some new content.

Learn more about it in the following overview:

The Crackpet Show trailer

Vixa Games is promoting the release of The Crackpet Show on Switch with a launch trailer. The game, a bullet hell adventure experience, has come to Switch.

We have the following overview for The Crackpet Show:

Arcade Archives Metal Hawk gameplay

Arcade Archives Metal Hawk released on Switch this week, and we have new gameplay thanks to Hamster’s latest live stream.

For a quick recap on what the title has to offer, read the following overview:

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