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I have a feeling we’ll eventually come across higher-quality scans of Capcom’s Resident Evil 3DS titles. We’ll add them to the site if we happen to come across any additional images.


Resident Evil 3DS games

– Resident Evil: Revelations 20% complete
– Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D 70% complete
– Move while shooting in Mercenaries

New Marvelous game

– For Wii
– Horror adventure title
– Releasing March 24 in Japan
– Balance Board support
– “???????” in Japanese, roughly translates to “Ikenienoyoru”

MTO’s cancelled games

Jewel Pet (DS)
Jewel Pet (3DS)
San-X All Star (Wii)
Iyashi-kei Action (Wii)

ActiveDogs (PS3)


Overall, third-parties (as well as Nintendo) have been quiet about their upcoming 3DS titles. We’ve seen the occasional game featured in Famitsu as well as a few overseas announcements here and there, but that’s been all, for the most part. To make matters worse, North American and European consumers are still waiting to find out when the handheld will be launching in their respective territory. It seems like fans will have to wait about another month and a half or so before concrete information pertaining to the system arrives. That’s according to new Executive Editor of IGN’s Nintendo channels, Rich George, who also claims to have heard that Nintendo is asking publishers to keep mostly quiet about the portable for now:

“I think you guys ought to expect a flood of information… late January 2011? I’m hearing Nintendo is keeping all developers/publishers at bay so… once there’s a green light… brace yourself.”

George followed up his remarks about the 3DS on his blog with the following comment:

“I know of a rumored date they will talk, but no definite confirmation. When I have it, so will you!”

Late January does seem rather late, so hopefully we’ll receive some information before then. You can be sure we’ll post anything relating to the 3DS as soon as we hear anything!


Right after Nintendo’s press conference, Ubisoft sent out a press release indicating that they would have a number of titles ready for the launch of the 3DS. One of the titles listed included Ghost Recon. In a recent Eurogamer article, it was reconfirmed that the company will be releasing the game when the 3DS launches next year. However, it seems as though the project has a new name – the “Lead the Ghosts” subtitle has been replaced with “Shadow Wars.”


Deca Sports 3DS scan

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Thanks to Chauncey for the tip!

This information comes from Grasshopper Manufacture’s Facebook page

“No, no information on a sequel to Contact now. We’re not working on any games for Nintendo’s older portable systems. ;-)… 3DS? What’s that? ;p”

Obviously, nothing was said explicitly. But it does seem as though they’re hinting at 3DS development! It wouldn’t be too surprising, as Suda51, the company’s CEO, has expressed interest in the platform.


This information comes from Hiroyuki Takahashi, producer for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn…

“I’m afraid I can’t go into detail at this time, but the features of Nintendo 3DS are really exciting to me as a developer. I’m really excited to challenge myself and create something for it.”

Well, Camelot might as well bring the series to the 3DS! We’ve seen a couple of titles on the GBA, and one title on DS. The next logical step is to move on to Nintendo’s next handheld.


– Musou Enbu story mode from previous games returns
– No individual stories
– Custom general made, go through a multi chapter story
– Create bonds with more than 40 Sengoku era generals
– Choose from multiple chapters
– Multiple scenarios in each chapter
– Freely selectable scenarios
– View a briefing before a scenario
– Set up general positions and equipment
– “Friendship level parameter” for each general
– This shows how close you’ve gotten to them
– Improve their favor by responding to questions during event scenes
– Bonuses for becoming friendly with generals
– StreetPass support
– SpotPass support