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You know, this was probably my favorite part of Nintendo World so far…

We’ll let you know if we come across a higher-quality video, or if flight footage is posted.

This information comes from Nintendo’s official 3DS site

Strategy RPG Project (Imageepoch, 2012)
Haku Ouki 3D (Idea Factory, 2011)
Karasu 3D (Milestone, Summer 2011)
Tetris Axis (Hudson, Summer 2011)
Daisenryaku for Nintendo 3DS (SystemSoft Alpha, Summer 2011)


The presentation is now over. Make sure to check out the details below…

– Producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana not allowed to say when he first saw the 3DS
– Matsuhana not involved with the demo sample at Nintendo World
– Special team at Konami made the demo
– Matsuhana says this special team was “amazing”, called them a dream team
– The team had top class programmers, designers, and more
– Kojima was on the team
– Kojima and the team wanted to see what they could do with the 3DS hardware
– The team was very motivated to work on the demo
– Dev team wanted to mess around with depth-based positioning of items on the screen
– Also wanted to surprise and shock players
– Matsuhana thinks the 3DS has everything a developer could want
– According to Matsuhana, the team is thinking about ways to use StreetPass/SpotPass, but nothing was confirmed
– Kojima previously said StreetPass would be used
– Matsuhana hinted that the game will use the camera, taking pictures in the game and in the real world
– Camera, gyro, touch sensor, other elements will be used