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Deemo received an update on Switch this week to support controllers, meaning you’re no longer locked in to playing with the touchscreen only. Check out the patch in action below.

Eternum, a platformer inspired by arcade classics, is currently in the works for Switch. The game promises 25 levels, a variety of enemies, and more.

A release date for Eternum has not yet been set. However, it sounds like the game isn’t too far off.

We have more information and a teaser for Eternum below.

Playism is starting to get its feet wet on Switch. The company just published TorqeL: Physics Modified Edition on the eShop, with Kero Blaster and Croixleur Sigma also slated for this year.

Even more Switch games from Playism could be on the way. The studio’s Shunji Mizutani expressed admiration for the hardware in an interview with Dengeki. He said that some titles are a good fit while others aren’t, though Playism have a few other games under consideration. Fans are asked to wait for future announcements.

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Mad Mimic uploaded the next entry in its new developer diary series for No Heroes Here. This time around, the team discusses setting player roles, creating the enemies, and the Realm mechanics. Check out the dev diary below.

Two Tribes made a surprise announcement earlier in the week, revealing that Toki Tori 2+ is coming to Switch in just a matter of days. Take a look at some footage below.

A new rating for Stick It to The Man on Switch has been added to PEGI’s database. It’s a sign that the game is getting a physical release, especially since Rising Star Games is listed as its publisher.

Something similar happened with SteamWorld Dig 2 on Switch. After we spotted a new rating for that title, which also listed Rising Star Games as publisher, a physical version was announced soon after. The same situation appears to be happening with Stick It to The Man.

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Subsurface Circular, from Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell, heads to Switch on March 1. Have a look at some footage below.

Chucklefish is sharing new information about its turn-based strategy title Wargroove. The studio has started to provide a look at how the units are shaping up across the game’s different factions.

The Soldier, Archer, Spearman, and Dog units were previously introduced. Last week, an update was given for the Knight unit.

Here’s the full rundown from Chucklefish:

tinyBuild announced a slew of Switch games during a video broadcast last week. One of these, The Final Station, appears to be just a few days away. The North American eShop lists it for February 22.

The Final Station is a shooter that “takes players on a journey through a post apocalyptic world where your goal is to get from station to station, putting together the bigger picture of what happened, and where you fit.” We have more information and a trailer below.

When we last heard about 2064: Read Only Memories Integral for Switch, which was several months ago, the game was targeted for February. Since we’re in February right now and with the game receiving little news, it’s not too surprising to hear that plans have shifted.

2064: Read Only Memories Integral is now set for late March / early April on Switch. Fortunately, it’s not a major delay.

2064: Read Only Memories Integral “is a retrofuturistic take on the point-and-click adventure genre that features a rich mature narrative and unique gameplay challenges hidden within the beautiful interactive pixel scenes.” The Switch version will feature several extras including trailers, art, music, and more in a special bonus “zome”.