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Contest winner

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I promised that I would announce the winner of our free VC/WiiWare contest this weekend, and the winner’s name is below. Before revealing the winner, however, I do want to send out a huge “thank you” for everyone who has posted a comment over the last few weeks. I realize that I’ve said this quite a lot as of late, but I believe that just one comment can go a long way towards building a community and leading to Nintendo Everything’s growth. I honestly appreciate every single comment that has contributed to the site.

Now as far as the contest goes, for those who did not win, please do not feel discouraged. I plan on hosting more contests on the site, so know that you may have a chance to win something in the future! I think I better post the winner now before I ramble on too long…

MadWorld review

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Game Info
System: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Beat em up
Players: 1-2
Release Date: March 10, 2009
Developer: Platinum Games
Publisher: Sega

Ever since its launch, the Nintendo Wii has served as the pinnacle of casual gaming for the modern industry. People who once overlooked video games were playing Wii Sports and working out with Wii Fit, and those who already played games were drawn in by the intuitive controls and party-style gameplay. For the more mature gamers, however, the novelty soon wore off and countless Wiis were found gathering dust in closets and on unused TV stands. While Nintendo continued to release and re-make more and more casual-style games, hardcore gamers abandoned Wii altogether, often selling their systems in order to purchase another. The lack of more mature and hardcore titles on the system has served to be one of its major catastrophes, and also its biggest pitfall. But of course, with a new year comes a new mentality, and game developer/publisher Sega has strayed into all but untouched snow with their stylized black and white beat em up, Madworld which has proven to be not only the Wiis first big blockbuster of the year, but also the most fun I have had playing video games in a long time.

33-year-old Robert Snively was arrested at 1:30 a.m and was charged with disorderly conduct. Snively was playing Guitar Hero, but apparently he was doing so rather loudly. Police officers arrived at the man’s house after complaints were received from neighbors. The police issued Snively a citation after hearing his excuse. He said that he became very excited while playing with a friend online, but police obviously did not believe that was an important reason to disrupt the neighborhood. Snively will need to go to court in April as a result of repeat offenses.


A consumer survey that has been sent out seems to hint at Netflix’s arrival on the Wii. If true, this would not mark the first time that the service has landed on a video game system – The Xbox 360 allows users to connect to Netflix and download movies and TV episodes. Unfortunately, there would be drawback to having the service on Wii – console owners would need to insert a disc each time to view content.


This comes once again from Capcom Product Manager Colin Ferris…

“As for Monster Hunter Tri…We’ve got some amazing stuff in it. The graphics for the Wii are like nothing you’ve seen on the system before. It’s a really pretty game. In addition, we now have underwater combat which is brand new to the series. So there are lots of sea monsters and things like that you can go after. Fans of Monster Hunter are going to be really impressed with what we accomplished with Monster Hunter Tri.”

From what I can tell from screenshots and videos of Monster Hunter 3, it does indeed look very pretty. It’ll be difficult to top Super Mario Galaxy, though!

Best Buy

Bolt (DS) – $19.99


Littlest Pet Shop: Spring (DS) – $25
Littlest Pet Shop: Garden (DS) – $25
Littlest Pet Shop: Jungle (DS) – $25

Rhythm Heaven screenshots

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“We support all systems appropriately. On PSP we’ve released more than 10 titles this generation, very high quality titles and there’s more coming. DS has been home our popular Megaman Starforce and Ace Attorney series. Wii has a slew of titles (more than we’ve released on 360/PS3 to date) and a massive effort in the form of Monster Hunter Tri. In addition there’s Spyborgs and Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles which are big efforts from us too.” – Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development

As far as the Wii goes, it’s important to remember that there have been some excellent games that have been released (Okami, Zack & Wiki, Resident Evil 4, Mega Man 9), not to mention that there are other titles on the way. As far as the DS goes, Capcom has supported the system a great deal with the Phoenix Wright and Mega Man titles.

Currently, all DSi systems in Japan come with 1,000 free points when the user connects to the DSiWare shop. There hasn’t exactly been any indication that the same offer would be available for North American systems – until now. Target has confirmed that all NA DSi owners will be able to spend 1,000 free points once the shop is accessed.

“Upon initial access to Nintendo DSi Shop, 1,000 Nintendo DSi Points will be credited to your account, which you can then use to download your free Nintendo DSi-exclusive games and applications. Wireless broadband connection and acceptance of user agreement required. Nintendo DSi Shop must be accessed to receive free points.”

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