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ESRB updates

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Flowerworks (Wii) – E
My Dolphin (Wii) – E
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Friends – Asian Elephants (DS) – E
Planet 51 The Game (DS) – E
Discovery Kids Spider (DS0 – E
Crash ‘N The Boyz: Street Challenge (Wii) – E
Data East Arcade Classics (Wii) – T
Tomena Sanner (Wii) – E
World of Zoo (DS0 – E
WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 (Wii) – T
Family Tennis (Wii) – E
LEGO Rock Band (DS0 – E
NBA 2K10 (Wii) – E
Rock Band Country Track Pack (Wii) – E10+

There’s no official confirmation from Nintendo yet, but that should be coming in the next few days.

– Done with development
– Should be hitting WiiWare in 4-6 weeks in the US
– US only for now, but there’s interest to bring it to Europe/Australia
– Looks just like the PC version
– 60 FPS
– Runs in 480p
– 20 hours of gameplay
– Adventure mode, quick-play (has 3 settings), tutorial
– Adventure mode has NPCs, powerups, signs, and coins to collect
– 50 levels for adventure mode – Grow flowers, launch fireworks – has a 5-star ranking system
– Wiimote play only

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The developers of Red Steel 2 have already explained that executing the same types of actions will not be possible in their title though. For instance, the gun available in the game will not take down enemies in all situations. Red Steel 2 will also encourage further variation in the move set via rewards. Creative Director Jason Vandenberghe confirmed that there is a system in place to encourage players to mix things up when it comes to moves, but wouldn’t elaborate on the feature just yet.

“The answer is yes, of course (style/reward system).

What? You want to know how it works or something? Should have asked that instead!”

Thanks to Jake for the news tip!

Pokemon Rumble screenshots

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Take Photographs of Your Friends and Family… Even Pets, to See Them Become Customers in Your Very Own Sushi Restaurant*

Leicester – September 4, 2009 – SouthPeak Games and Asylum Entertainment have today dished out details of an exciting Nintendo DSi™-specific feature in its upcoming eat-‘em-up title, Miniclip Sushi Go-Round. By using the Nintendo DSi™ camera, players can take photographs of people, pets, objects – anything they want – then turn them into quirky customers that appear in their sushi restaurant.

This innovative aspect is thankfully a lot easier to use than a pair of chopsticks. After taking a picture, players just need to trace around the face/object and delete any unnecessary areas of the photo then save. These new customers will then pop in for some super sushi as you’re playing. Up to six pictures can be created, so you’ll never know who’s going to show up next!

Rygar (Arcade, Tecmo, 800pts)
Dragon Spirit (Arcade, Namco-Bandai, 800pts)


DSiWare 200:
200V Majhong Challenge Sprirts (Tasuke)

DSiWare 500:
Ima kara Hajimeru Facening Kao Tore-mini: Sukkiri Kogan Course (Nintendo)
[From now on your first Facening: Face training mini: Shapely Small-face course]

Ima kara Hajimeru Facening Kao Tore-mini: Sutekina Egao Course (Nintendo)
[From now on your first Facening: Face training mini: Wonderful Smile Course]

Ima kara Hajimeru Facening Kao Tore-mini: Me to Kuchi no Kenkou Course (Nintendo)
[From now on your first Facening: Face training mini: Eye and Mouth Health Course]

Ima kara Hajimeru Facening Kao Tore-mini: Kao no Refresh Course (Nintendo)
[From now your on first Facening: Face training mini: Face Refresh Course]

Saikyou Yoko-Suku Action Vol 1. Noroi no Game Chi (Square-Enix)
[Worst Luck Side-Scrolling Action Vol.1 Noroi Game Blood]

Saikyou Yoko-Suku Action Vol 2. Noroi no Game Goku (Square-Enix)
[Worst Luck Side-Scrolling Action Vol.1 Noroi Game Prison]


Capcom’s teasing a “monster” surprise on the company’s European forums and official blog for Monday. There’s no word yet on what the company has in store, but it may be worth mentioning that there’s a screenshot of Monster Hunter 3 on the blog. Also, we know MH3 is on its way to North America early next year, so perhaps the mystery is related to that title.

“Make sure you hang around here on Monday.” – Capcom Europe’s Senior Online Marketing & Community Manager

“Just a note to say that we (and our European-flavored friends) have a “Monster” surprise coming for Monster Hunter fans. Yes, I would say it’s bigger than the Ragiakurusu. So when is it coming? Monday! /tease” – Capcom’s official blog

Source 1, Source 2

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