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Remember when you were a kid and stayed on your best behavior for weeks to ensure you got that one amazing gift for the holidays? This year, Nintendo DSi is the holiday gift that kids of all ages have their sights on.

Want to know why the Nintendo DSi is a great gift for kids this holiday season? Check out this exclusive animation by Aardman Animations LTD., created with Flipnote Studio, a free downloadable application available only for Nintendo DSi. With Flipnote Studio, anyone can draw a series of images to create an animation, just like flipping through a notepad.

Kraków, 19 November 2009

Teyon announced today a new challenging Nintendo DSiWare™ title, 101 MiniGolf World. The game is rated E for EVERYONE by ESRB. First screenshots and the product info outlining game-play rules are now available.

101 MiniGolf World is the first ever “true 3D” miniature golf for Nintendo DSiWare™! Your stylus becomes the putter for an incredibly fun minigolf experience as never seen before! Play over 100 fun and challenging holes solo or with up to 8 friends on one console. What will be your record to finish all courses with the lowest number of strokes? The intuitive 3D Virtual Play eases the use of controls with just a stylus to sink putts as you send your ball flying through loops, pipes, arches, extreme ramps and mind-blowing obstacles! With a combination of real golf rules and wacky MiniGolf fun, it’s the ultimate challenge for Nintendo DSiWare™!

Famitsu revealed earlier this week that the No More Heroes series will be heading to the PS3/360. As it turns out, the original game is being ported over and will be called No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise. While we won’t be covering it from this point on since it’s a PS3/360 title, you may be interested to see how the game appears on other systems – You can check out a few of the screenshots above.

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PSP – 40000
DSi – 33000
PS3 – 33000
Wii – 23000
PSP go – 6600
360 – 4100
DS Lite – 2800
PS2 – 2500

We’ll be posting Media Create’s official data later tonight.


“We’re taking advantage of MotionPlus. It’s become very natural – the movement of your arms is precisely reflected in the gameplay. Thanks to the technological advancements, we hope the gameplay can be more accessible to people.” – Eiji Aonuma

Aonuma also talked about the structure of Zelda Wii once again and provided a response similar to what we posted yesterday…

“We’re making efforts regarding the total flow of the Zelda game. So far, the basic flow of the Zelda games is you’re exploring a field, you go to a dungeon, you conquer it and return to the field. We’re looking at altering that traditional flow. That’s all I can share, and I can’t say more until E3 next year.”


– NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe to Launch Flight Action Title Based on Acclaimed Anime Feature Film in PAL Regions February 2010 –

CERGY-PONTOISE, FRANCE –19 November 2009 – NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S today confirmed the Europe and PAL release of Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces, the flight action game exclusively for Wii based on the acclaimed 2008 Japanese anime feature film from internationally renowned director Mamoru Oshii. The game will bring its unique blend of high altitude fighter action and beguiling Japanese anime production values to Wii players in Europe and beyond on February 2010.

Developed by Project Aces, the team behind Ace Combat at NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. in Japan, Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces pushes the Wii hardware to the extremes of its capabilities, delivering an impressively hi-fidelity rendition of intense arcade-style aerial combat. The Wii Nunchuk is used as a joystick to control the planes in flight, and the high altitude action is supplemented with over 30 minutes of gorgeous anime cinematics. The brand new story has been created by the Project Aces team in close collaboration with the licensor, keeping faithful to the Sky Crawlers universe.

“You will have to wait until next year when we can elaborate on this and many other things,” said Aonuma. “But what I can tell you is that yes I have read some of the speculation, and some of it is right! That is all I can say at the moment.” – Eiji Aonuma

Aonuma is talking about the artwork Nintendo released at E3, but he wouldn’t say anything else. The speculation probably is related to Link’s missing sword in the image.


In the past, Marvelous Entertainment has lamented about poor sales of Wii titles. A few months ago, a company employee said that he felt like crying over Wii sales. And in a financial conference Q&A today, Marvelous revealed a troubling statistic – The company lost money on three out of the four titles that they published for Wii in the first half. While this surely is unfortunate news, hopefully Marvelous will find a better way to profit from their Wii releases in the future,

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