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505 Games

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is coming to Switch. In an official news notice sent out to system users via Nintendo of Europe, the game’s logo is featured alongside several other titles.

You can see Bloodstained’s logo in the second to last column below, towards the middle. The graphic is similar to what was sent out a few days ago following the Nindies Showcase, but Bloodstained’s inclusion is new here.

Bloodstained was originally targeted for Wii U. But since the title won’t be arriving until the first half of 2018, the team probably felt that moving it over to Switch would make the most sense.

Engine Software handled the Wii U version of Terraria while CodeGlue was responsible for the 3DS release. The game was also just announced for Switch today, and that edition is being handled by the main console team.

Pipework Studio is behind Terraria on Switch. In case you’re curious, that’s the same group in charge of the title on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Portal Knights will be seeing a release on Switch. That’s according to a classification from Brazil, which was added in today.

Portal Knights was thought to be bound for Switch after it was listed by an anonymous major distributor. However, the rating from Brazil is as close we’ll get to an announcement until 505 Games makes it official.


As part of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night’s February Kickstarter update, two new enemies are introduced. We have a first look at the flying harpy Aello and the demon beast Gieremund.

Below are the official comments from Bloodstained Koji Igarashi about both enemies:

“Our first new enemy is Aello. This flying harpy keeps its distance from the player. Our original plan was to put her in the ship stage, where she would use physical and wind attacks.

This second enemy is Gieremund, a fast-moving, beast-type demon that attacks on all fours. Guarding against this enemy’s attacks will require quick reflexes.”

Also for the new Kickstarter update, Igarashi interviewed composer Michiru Yamane. Watch the full discussion below.


Indivisible is a new action-RPG from Lab Zero Games, the creator of Skullgirls. Nintendo fans might be interested to hear that a Switch release may happen.

On Twitter, the official Indivisible mentioned that the team is “investigating the possibility of a Switch release” with publisher 505 Games:

We heard something similar back in December 2015. At the time, the game’s Twitter account said Switch would be considered when more information surfaced. Nothing is set, but it looks like the team is now actively looking into the possibility.


A brief Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night video has been prepared showing a new village area. You’ll be passing through it on the way to the castle entrance, according to creator Koji Igarashi.

Igarashi writes in a new Kickstarter update:

“As you can tell from the video, the village is red, which has nothing to do with Christmas! During the eruption of the Laki volcanic fissure in 1783 and 1784, “the afternoon sky was dark as night and red as blood,” according to a contemporary saying from Hampshire, England. So we tried to express that in the afternoon scene you see here.

Building your visuals from a piece of historical data makes the world more realistic. (The internet is so useful!) The village is also under the demons’ attack, so of course there will be enemies here. We are also planning to put a shop here to support the player, and you’ll find Johannes, who we introduced previously, here too.

In addition to Johannes…Oh, we can’t quite tell you yet, but you’ll hear more about them in our later updates. Please look forward to it.”


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night creator Koji Igarashi took to Kickstarter today and explained how the team is going about improving environments on the game.

One of the issues Igarashi wanted to address was players being unsure of “where a platform was, or whether the thing they were looking at was a wall or something they could pass through.” This has been improved by increasing the brightness of the front side of platforms while making more distant parts of the environments darker.

The Bloodstained team is also now making use of procedural generation in environments. Before that term scares you off, the explanation makes sense, as it will allow for smoother development. To put it simply, procedural generation is being used “to auto-generate environmental grime and destruction effects.” Doing so means environments will have more of a visual flair and will ensure that areas won’t give off the impression of being “looped”. Variation could have been done by hand, but it “would require a disproportionately large amount of resources,” Igarashi noted. Procedural generation allows for that variation without putting a huge burden on the developers.

The following video shows the usage of procedural generation:

For the full Kickstarter update, visit the source link below.


Two more partners are on board for the development of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

First, DICO is assisting the team. Creator Koji Igarashi worked with this company in the past, and “will be on the frontline for this stage of the main development.”

Monobit is also involved for “support on all technical aspects of the project.” They’re comprised of “a group of exceptional programmers who have experience working on game engines.”

Here’s a video introducing the two companies:

Igarashi mentioned in today’s Kickstarter post that updates will be slowing down somewhat due to a reorganization of the development structure. However, he feels everyone will collectively “deliver the quality output that the team and the backers are both anticipating.”


If all goes according to plan, Terraria’s big 3DS update should be ready in just a few days. 505 Games estimates that the patch will be up tomorrow in North America and Friday morning in Europe.

Those who missed the news about Terraria’s 1.04 update can learn about the additions and changes here. Among other things, players on New 3DS will be able to create larger worlds.


The next update for Terria on 3DS is on the way, and it’s quite substantial.

As we heard about before, expanded worlds are coming to players on New 3DS. The team also fixed a number of issues/bugs and also brought it more in line with the PC version.

Here’s the full lowdown:

The 1.04 update is in submission with Nintendo. We’re hoping to be able to release the update globally by the end of November, but until the update clears Nintendo’s checks we won’t be in a position to project a date. The focus of the work for the milestone was stability and being able to offer Expanded Worlds to New 3DS owners, as we have previously communicated.

The stability round was obviously priority number one to those of you having issues. In our own testing we found the game to be almost always stable, but Terraria is a game that everyone plays differently and a minority of you were experiencing crash issues that were blighting your experience. We’ve worked very hard to put in global fixes for these kinds of issues, and along the way encountered some very odd edge cases. Rather than try and explain every issue, we’ve pulled out a few from a long list that you might find interesting: