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Activision has shared a variety of details about Call of Duty: Ghosts’ perk system. Read on below for a roundup of information.

– 35 total perks, each with a point value (1 to 5)
– Start out with 12 “points”
– Primary weapon, secondary weapon, lethal grenade, and tactical grenade each cost one point
– Perks have assorted point values
– Perks are unlocked by gaining a certain amount of levels, or by spending Squad Points
– All perks are separated into categories:

Speed: Outrun and outmaneuver enemy players. Speed Perks are all about getting the lead and staying ahead. Examples include Sleight of Hand (Faster reloading) and Stalker (Move faster while aiming).

Handling: Dexterity and control drives the Handling Perks, improving actions and accuracy. Examples include On the Go (Reload while sprinting) and Steady Aim (Increased hip fire accuracy).

Stealth: Stealth Perks aid you in staying out of sight, maintaining a low profile and engaging on your terms. Examples include Takedown (Kill enemies without revealing their death locations) and Incog (Resistant to targeting systems including Recon, Thermal Scope, Tracker Sight and Motion Sensor. No name or red crosshairs when targeted).

Awareness: Keep in tune with your surroundings. Awareness Perks help you survey the environment and detect enemy players. Examples include SitRep (Detect enemy explosives and tactical equipment) and Wiretap (Utilize all active enemy and friendly SAT COMs on the field).

Resistance: A hardened endurance reduces the effects of fatigue. Resistance Perks keep you going through tough engagements. Examples include Focus (Reduced weapon sway when aiming down sights and reduced flinch when hit) and Blast Shield (Increased resistance to explosive damage).

Equipment: Tacticians swear by their gear, and Equipment Perks ensure you have the best tools on hand. Examples include Extra Tactical (Additional Tactical equipment) and Extra Attachment (Extra attachment for your weapons).

Elite: Elite Perks offer special abilities that affect your loadouts in a variety of ways. Examples include Gambler (Spawn with a random Perk) and Ping (Activate a sonar ping upon killing an enemy, revealing nearby hostiles).

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Will the Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-order bonus map “Free Fall” be available on Wii U? Right now, no one seems to know.

After Vooks asked Activision to clarify the situation, a company representative said:

“It’s just not confirmed for the day one release, but there is definitely a chance that it will become available at a later stage”.

For what it’s worth, retailers in the US don’t list Free Fall as a pre-order bonus for the Wii U version of Ghosts. And given how poorly Activision has handled DLC on the console, I wouldn’t be surprised if the map never makes its way over.


It’s looking like the Wii U will be missing out on a fairly major feature included in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Other versions contain a unique clan system so that players can create and join clans across multiple platforms. Activision’s official FAQ for the feature, however, makes no mention of Wii U.

Clans in Call of Duty: Ghosts will include deeper in-game integration and more features, from in-game Clan Management and Clan–specific playlists to the all-new Call of Duty Clan Wars game mode available in the new Call of Duty app. This year also introduces cross-platform Clans, allowing players to create and/or join a single Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan across the following platforms: including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

One fan decided to follow up with Activision’s Dan Amrich on Twitter after noticing the Wii U’s absence in the FAQ. Unfortunately, Amrich’s words weren’t too encouraging.

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All multiplayer maps as well as modes included in Call of Duty: Ghosts have been outed.

First up, here’s a complete listing of maps:

  • Chasm
  • Flooded
  • Free Fall (Bonus Map)
  • Freight
  • Octane
  • Overload
  • Prison Break
  • Seige
  • Sovereign
  • Stonehaven
  • Strikezone
  • Stormfront
  • Tremor
  • Warhawk
  • Whiteout

And here’s the full lineup of modes along with their official menu descriptions:

  • Blitz – Make it to the portal on the enemy’s spawn point.
  • Cranked – Kill enemies before the timer ends. Each kill restarts the timer.
  • Domination – Capture and hold the flags. Every two seconds a flag is held, the team gets a point. First team to 200 points wins.
  • Free-for-All – Every man for himself. First player to 30 kills is the winner.
  • Grind – Recover dog tags and take them to the objective marker to score for your team.
  • Hunted – Available in both team and free-for-all. Resources are limited. Fight for control of weapon drops to gain superiority.
  • Infected – Eliminated players become Infected. Last player to survive when the timer ends wins.
  • Kill Confirmed – Recover dog tags to gain points for your team. First team to 100 points wins.
  • Search and Destroy – Teams take turns defending or trying to destroy the objective. Every player has
  • Search and Rescue – Teams take turns defending or trying to destroy the objective. Recover dog tags to allow or deny respawns.
  • Team Deathmatch – Kill players on the enemy team. First team to reach score limit wins.


The Wii is on its way out, and the Wii U hasn’t performed up to Nintendo’s expectations. Given these two factors, MCV decided to ask Activision’s UK MD, Roy Stackhouse, about whether the publisher’s expectations for the game have been negatively impacted.

Not at all, Stackhouse said. In fact, he along with Activision as a whole “expect to sell a lot of Skylanders on the Nintendo platforms.” Stackhouse also said the company still considers Nintendo to be “a very integral part of our sales mix going forward.”

Stackhouse’s comments in full:

“Not at all. We still expect to sell a lot of Skylanders on the Nintendo platforms. Just because the sales may have softened doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of consoles out there that children are still playing on. We still see Nintendo as a very integral part of our sales mix going forward.”


Most had expected Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 to be this year’s Call of Duty title. That didn’t happen, as Activision ended up revealing Ghosts. But what about the future of the Modern Warfare sub-series?

For now, Infinity Ward doesn’t intend to continue on with Modern Warfare. Community manager Tina Palacios, speaking with OXM, said the following when asked about the similarites between the Ghosts and Modern Warfare title/logo art:

“With the storyline, we knew that we wanted to end the Modern Warfare franchise, and we wanted to go in a new direction. I can say that our focus and only focus is on Ghosts right now as it is, and we have no other plans at this time… when we were creating Ghosts, we really got inspired by Ghost from Modern Warfare 2, just by how he looks.

“It made sense for these soldiers we have in Ghosts who want to hide their identities would have the same masks and face paint. I think it would be safe for me to say that just knowing the characters from our previous games didn’t have a backstory, that’s what really pushed us forward. We thought we need to really establish that.”


The full weapons list for Call of Duty: Ghosts thanks to Twitter user @Espadah_. You can find the full rundown below, along with images.

Assault Rifles

Remington R5
Honey Badger

Light Machine Guns

Chain SAW

Sub-Machine Guns

Vector CRB


Tac 12

Sniper Rifles


Marksman Rifles

Mk 14 EBR
SVU Dragunov


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