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Another Code: Recollection

Another Code Recollection graphics comparison

A new graphics comparison from GameXplain shows how the new Switch version of Another Code: Recollection stacks up to the DS original.

The comparison specifically focuses on the first entry in the series here. Everything is now fully 3D, and exploration segments are now fully third-person. Also, as we saw in the Nintendo Direct presentation, voice acting will be included. And while it’s not covered in this specific comparison, the Wii sequel will also be a part of the package – the first time it’s getting an official release in North America.

Another Code: Recollection

Nintendo has sent out the official boxart for Another Code: Recollection. Additionally, we’ve got a look at some screenshots as well.

Below is an overview of the Switch release:

Another Code: Recollection

Trace Memory, also known as Another Code: Two Memories, is returning on Switch. Nintendo announced plans to bring back the Wii and DS game during today’s Nintendo Direct as Another Code: Recollection.

Trace Memory was a 2005 point-and-click adventure game for DS developed by the now-shuttered Cing. The studio also developed Hotel Dusk: Room 215, Little King’s Story, and other games. Another Code: R – A Journey into Lost Memories followed in 2009 on Wii, but it never released in North America.

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