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We previously reported that Best Buy stores across the US will be hosting a midnight launch for Super Mario Odyssey. Fans can visit the store at 12:01 AM ET on October 27 (9 PM PT on October 26) to pick up the new Switch game as soon as possible.

Best Buy has also now confirmed that a poster will be handed out while supplies last. We have a look at it below.

You can check to see if you have a Best Buy nearby planning a midnight launch for Super Mario Odyssey here.

Best Buy stores across the US will be hosting a special Super Mario Odyssey event on Saturday. It’ll be held between 12 PM and 3 PM local time.

As far as the actual event goes, you’ll be able to try out Super Mario Odyssey. Fans will also be provided with a free sticker book while supplies last after their play session.

Continue on below for the full lineup of participating Best Buy outlets.

Want something to be excited about? Super Mario Odyssey launches in a month. To promote the game, Nintendo appears to be teaming up with Best Buy with a playable demo. We’re hearing reports that it’s starting to be installed today. We’re unsure if the demo will be available at every single Best Buy in the US, but you might be seeing it at your local store soon.

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Best Buy has provided some information about how it’s handling the launch of the SNES Classic Edition.

The retailer has no plans online. However, those who did pre-order a unit will be receiving theirs on Friday.

As for the in-store launch, Best Buy will have limited quantities. Systems will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Best Buy is planning a ticketing process for customers waiting in line, with tickets being handed out starting at 7 AM local time. Tickets will only be given out for as many systems available, with a limit of one per customer.


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The New 2DS XL Poke Ball Edition has gone up for pre-order on Best Buy. You can reserve the system here. Nintendo will be shipping it on November 3.

The coveted Xenoblade Pro Controller for Switch is up on Best Buy’s website right now. You can pre-order it for $74.99.

The controller is being made to commemorate the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on December 1.

A link has been provided to the Best Buy page here.

Many Best Buy stores across the United States will be hosting a midnight launch for Super Mario Odyssey next month. The retailer is currently letting consumers search for a local store nearby here. Of course, you may also want to check with your Best Buy before launch to ensure that the midnight launch will indeed be happening.


Best Buy has started pre-orders for the Fire Emblem Warriors Special Edition. If you’re interested, reserve the package here. Fire Emblem Warriors launches on October 20.

Best Buy has a pre-order bonus for Super Mario Odyssey. As mentioned previously, those who reserve the game will receive a collectible coin. We have a first look at the goodie, and it’s pictured above.


Nintendo Switch

Switch is back in stock at Best Buy once again. The retailer has units on its website here. Gray and neon options are both available.


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