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Beyond Good & Evil 2

Since the re-reveal of Beyond Good & Evil 2 at E3 last week, a Switch version really started to look uncertain. Though we maintained a small glimmer of hope about the game releasing on the system, things are even more doubtful now.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 creator Michel Ancel posted a message on his Facebook page today with some news about the project. Platforms were listed in his message, and sadly, Switch is nowhere to be seen.

Given what we’ve learned about Beyond Good & Evil 2 over the past week or so, this was somewhat expected. It’s just a shame that the original rumors were entirely off the mark.


Update: Bumped to the top. Perhaps there’s some hope for Beyond Good & Evil 2 on Switch after all, even if it’s small. Creator Michel Ancel said on his Instagram page that platforms aren’t announced. Make of that what you will. Again though, unless we hear about a Switch version, we won’t be posting about the game again.

Original: Ubisoft re-revealed Beyond Good & Evil 2 during its media briefing this week. Platforms weren’t announced at the time, but despite a few rumors of it being on Switch, a release on Nintendo’s console is unfortunately looking unlikely.

Ubisoft is letting fans register their interest in a Space Monkey Program as a way of contributing to Beyond Good & Evil 2’s development. Right now, the only platforms listed are PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC – Switch is nowhere to be seen. Retailers have also started to take pre-orders and Switch is sadly absent.

It definitely would have been nice had Beyond Good & Evil 2 ended up on Switch, especially given how the first one was on GameCube. But unless we hear otherwise, this will probably be the final time we post about the game here.


Laura Kate Dale has published a new set of Switch rumors pertaining specifically to Ubisoft.

First, Dale has an update on Beyond Good & Evil 2. Her sources have informed her that the game’s code name is “Odyssey”. It’ll be exclusive to Switch for the game’s first 12 months in both retail and digital versions. After that period ends, it’ll head to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, but digital-only. Dale says Beyond Good & Evil 2’s teaser will probably be shown at the end of Switch’s big event next week.

Dale also shares some news about Rayman Legends, which originally arrived in 2013. She reports that this version of the title will be announced during the January 12 event and will ship in Q2.

Finally, the Mario and Rabbids crossover RPG is apparently going by the name “Rabbids Kingdom Battle”. She’s heard from one source that it may be pushed back to September.


After speculation began that Beyond Good & Evil 2 being in development for Switch surfaced earlier in the year, Ubisoft finally confirmed that the game is happening. Series creator Michel Ancel began to tease the news by sharing various pieces of art created for the project. When asked about why he did that by Kotaku at Indiecade Europe, Ancel explained: “That was not a gimmick but a way to say ‘Look. The game exists and we can do it.'”

Interestingly, Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been in the works since Rayman Legends shipped. But unfortunately, it won’t be complete any time soon. Ancel noted that it needs to be “more concrete” before a proper reveal, but it’s “a very serious development for Ubisoft.”

French newspaper Le Monde recently conducted an interview with Michel Ancel. Luckily, Ancel was happy to talk about the new Beyond Good & Evil, going over the project’s development, themes, and more.

A couple of folks on NeoGAF were kind enought to translate the interview. Find a rundown of what was shared below.

– It’s Yves Guillemot who called Michel Ancel to make Beyond Good & Evil 2. He was going to leave after Rayman Legends (the article says Origins but it’s probably a mistake) in 2013, since he just co-founded his new studio Wildsheep, but he just couldn’t say anything else than “yes” to the Yves Guillemot’s proposal.

– The original project started in 2007, and was abandoned in 2009, at Michel Anciel’s will. They started to work on it again in 2012-2013, and he feels like he still needs three to four years to finish it, but even then he’s not sure.

– He calls it a “fabulous project”. It’s really ambitious, but possible with the actual consoles.

Over on his Instagram page, Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel offered new information as to what happened with the series’ second entry back in 2008.

At that time, the new Beyond Good & Evil “was playable with many prototypes.” Unfortunately, Ubisoft ran into many technical problems. The team ended up working on Rayman Origins (and later Rayman Legends) while the Beyond Good & Evil project was put to the side. Ancel pointed to planet exploration, space travel, and cities as elements that were intended for the original Beyond Good & Evil, and were planned for the follow-up.

Here’s the full Instagram post:

Young Jade . Non official visual research I did a long time ago with art director Celine Tellier

A photo posted by Michel Ancel (@michelancel) on


Destructoid shared a report earlier this year that a new Beyond Good & Evil game would be heading to NX as an exclusive. Since then, creator Michel Ancel has shared numerous pieces of art, ultimately leading to a confirmation that a new title in the series is in pre-production. LetsPlayVideoGames – and the author of Destructoid’s initial piece – is now sharing additional information about the situation with an article of its own.

Having spoken with a source at Ubisoft, the site reports that the new title “is planned to be more of a standalone reboot than a traditional sequel.” LetsPlayVideoGames goes on to say, “the currently planned direction for the game is that it will partially retell Jade’s origin tale from Beyond Good & Evil, flesh out Peyj’s backstory, then continue to extrapolate on the ending of the original game.” By doing so, new players wouldn’t feel intimidated to give it a shot, and fans would have some closure about the original’s cliffhanger at the end. We would also learn “who Jade is and what drives Pey’j.” The plan would be to give the game a subtitle instead of a number at the end.

As for when we’ll be seeing something of the new Beyond Good & Evil, LetsPlayVideoGames has heard that a CG trailer will be shown at the unveiling of NX. Also, if the site si correct, it will be exclusive to Nintendo’s upcoming platform as Destructoid originally claimed. Ubisoft is also said to be targeting a Summer 2018 launch.


A new Beyond Good & Evil has been teased extensively by creator Michel Ancel over the past week. Today, the project was made official.

On the Beyond Good & Evil Facebook page, it was mentioned today that “Michel Ancel is currently working with the Ubisoft Montpellier Studio on a new Beyond Good & Evil game.” While it’s only a small message, we can at least say with absolute certainty that it’s happening.


Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel shared two pieces of art from what seemed to be Beyond Good & Evil 2 last week. Now he’s at it again.

Less than an hour ago, Ancel posted another image resembling Mammago from Beyond Good & Evil. He also teased: “Endangered species – now saved – Game in pre-production – Stay tuned!”


Michel Ancel’s Instagram post on Tuesday got quite a lot of attention, as it seems to more or less confirm that a new Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a thing, and that we would likely be hearing more about it soon. We’re still waiting for an official announcement, but in the meantime Ancel posted some more Beyond Good & Evil artwork on Instagram, this time of an anthropomorphic shark – a common sight in the world of Beyond Good & Evil.


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