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Bravely Second

For the past few years Square Enix has “Square Enix Presents” program has broadcast at E3, featuring gameplay footage, interviews, and even concerts.

Now, starting on August 25 at 21:00 JST they will air their first episode of Square Enix Presents Japan, where they will kick off the series talking about all the latest on Bravely Second.

Each episode will feature directors, producers, and various others that are involved in all the aspects of creating all the wonderful games we love. They might even talk about exclusive information you will be able to get nowhere else!

An episode about Final Fantasy Explorers will follow as the third installment. Stay tuned for any new details!


The latest issue of Famitsu contains an interview with producer Tomoya Asano, some of which has been translated by Siliconera. Asano spoke to the magazine about how the team is making Bravely Second with “sequel” as a focus, teased surprises, and more.

You’ll find details and a few comments from Asano below.

Siliconera has translated some quotes from this week’s issue of Famitsu about the composer change in Bravely Second. For this game, Supercell’s ryo is handling the music.

Head past the break for comments producer Tomoya Asano and ryo.

Bravely Default story writer Naotaka Hayashi is not returning for Bravely Second, this week’s Famitsu confirms.

Producer Tomoya Asano and assistant producer Shinji Takahashi are leading the way on Bravely Second’s scenario. Director Kensuke Nakahara and Bravely Default lead scenario planner Keiichi Ajiro from Silicon Studio, as well as series light novel writer Souki Tsukishima, are all contributing to the scenario as well.

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Bravely Second details

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Square Enix updated the official Bravely Second website today with new details about the 3DS game. You’ll find a bunch of details about the Guatelatio location, Agnes, and a few different jobs below.


– It’s a city that has long been prosperous
– Guatelatio is at the entrance to the highway that leads to the Temple of Earth and the Holy Land
– Crystal Orthodoxy’s headquarters is located here
– There are also numerous villas and estates that belong to faithful aristocrats and various other prominent families
– Gate of Faith is at the northern edge of town
– Gate of Faith: an important military institution tasked with defending the Holy Land that employs the “Orthodox Knights”
– Orthodox Knights: a group that the Orthodoxy holds in high regards
– When the Duchy of Eternia was in its prime, Guatelatio managed to rid itself of the Orthodox Knights and barely attain recognition as autonomous entity
– With the Orthodoxy and Duchy’s relationship taking a turn for the peaceful, the city eventually becomes the former’s official capitol city
– This brought renewed construction of the cathedral and a return to bustling life in general
– There were plans to hold the signing ceremony for the peace treaty in Guatelatio, but things don’t go quite as planned

Agnes Oblige

– Agnes traveled the world with her allies in years past
– Agnes overcame numerous troubles and drove back the Great Void that brought Luxendarc to the brink of calamity
– In the wake of the decade-long Passion Period, she miraculously puts the then-collapsing Crystal Orthodoxy back together, ultimately becoming the only fourth pope the Orthodoxy has ever seen and the first one to rise to such a position in centuries
– Agnes is on friendly terms with many important players and enjoys massive popularity with the common people
– Has put her heart and soul into realizing lasting peace between the Orthodoxy and Eternia
– Gets kidnapped at the peace treaty ceremony


– Valkyrie – offensive class that do their dirty work by attacking from mid-air and fleeing
– Valkyries are potent when BP is spent during their attacks
– Recommended to use a spear with this job
– Superstar – buff up friendly characters by singing them songs, with bolstered stats potentially including, but not limited to, offense, defense, and BP
– Their main role is a buffing job
– Superstars are equipped with myriad abilities to get their work done
– Time Mage – tacticians who control the flow of time during battles to their advantage
– Characters with this job are better able to heal the entire party simultaneously and deal proportional damage relative to the enemies’ HP
– Time Mages use the wand
– Red Mage – use White and Black Magic
– Hybrid class of sorts
– Well-rounded when it comes to healing and offensive magic, as well as buffs and debuffs


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