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Digital Eclipse

IGN has more footage from More Mega Man Legacy Collection showing the new challenge mode. Check it out below.

Polygon uploaded another video from Mega Man Legacy Collection with additional footage (and an interview). Check it out below.

IGN posted another video from Mega Man Legacy Collection showing the game’s remix mode. Take a look at it below.


GameSpot has posted just over 30 minutes of footage from Mega Man Legacy Collection. You can watch it all in the video below.

Capcom held a live stream earlier tonight to showcase the latest footage from Mega Man Legacy Collection. We’ve posted the 45-minute Twitch recording after the break.

As this is a Twitch video, that means auto-play is involved. So head past the break for the recording!

We’ve posted the video after the break due to auto-play.

Siliconera has shared new details about Mega Man Legacy Collection’s Challenge Mode in an article published today. Read on below for an information summary.

– Challenge Mode has many different objectives
– Ex: rush to defeat all of Mega Man 2’s bosses
– Ex: see how quick you can defeat Mega Man’s Yellow Devil
– One challenge blends stages from all six Mega Man games into one
– This begins on Cutman’s stage from Mega Man and after a fight with a Big Eye, a black hole whisks players to a stage from Mega Man 2
– Each stage transition reloaded Mega Man will a fully charged stock of weapons from the game he jumped into
– Challenges are timed
– Item 2 in Mega Man 2 creates a helpful rocket sled that lets you fly past bottomless pits in one of the Mega Man 2 challenges
– Players have five minutes to complete a challenge
– Your best time is saved
– Challenges include:

– Mega Man 1 – 6 (has levels from all six Mega Man games)
– Mega Man 1 Megamix (a remix challenge only with levels from Mega Man 1)
– Mega Man 1 Robot Rush
– Yellow Devil (a battle with Dr. Wily’s Yellow Devil)
– Mega Man 2 Megamix
– Mega Man 2 Robot Rush