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A new update has just released for the intense rhythm-action game Thumper, and it’s actually a pretty sizeable one. This update is adding in a brand-new Practice Mode, adjusting leniency on restarting from checkpoints, changing how the score/rank tally is displayed for level 9 and addressing several other minor fixes and bugs.

Here are the full patch notes from the Steam version of the game, which should also carry over to the Switch version’s update:

Limited Run Games has opened pre-orders for the new physical version of Thumper. You can choose to go with the standard release or the collector’s edition.

The latter comes with the following:


Thumper has received a new update on Switch, highlighted by the addition of video capture support. The latest version is 1.0.1.

We have the full patch notes for Thumper’s new update below.

Thumper has received its first discount on the Switch eShop. In both North America and Europe, the game can be purchased for 25 percent off. The sale lasts for one week only.


In an extensive video chat with Gamasutra, Thumper co-creator Marc Flury spoke at length about the game.  Some noteworthy topics include the creation of an original game engine as opposed to using a popular, third party one such as Unity, and how the use of rumble in Thumper attracted the attention of Nintendo.

On the subject of Nintendo being interested in the use of rumble in Thumper, it seems that the game caught the eye of some Nintendo executives when it was being shown off in Japan for PS4 and PC. Flury was asked if he would be interested in working with Nintendo’s new rumble system, which we now know as the HD Rumble used in the Joy-Cons on the Switch.

On the subject of creating an original engine instead of using a pre-built one to make a game, Flury wanted to emphasize that this approach shouldn’t be seen as crazy and unrealistic as it often is. He believes a lot of the anxiety around such an approach in the games industry comes from a lack of proper education. He believes that it might be time for schools to rethink their approach to introducing programming to younger individuals.

Check out the full video below.

Watch live video from Gamasutra on


The team behind Drool stopped by Reddit today to answer questions from fans about Switch’s new game Thumper. Brian Gibson and Marc Flury, the studio’s two developers, attended the Reddit AMA. Fans asked Gibson and Flury about how long it took to port Thumper to Switch and the challenges involved, the possibility of a demo, ideas that were cut during original development, and more.

We’ve posted these excerpts below. For the full AMA, head on over here.

Digital Foundry has taken an in-depth look at the newly-released Switch game Thumper.

On Switch, it runs at a full 1080p docked and 720p handheld resolution as promised. It also maintains a steady 60 frames per second. Thumper may have lost some effects from the PlayStation 4 version, but many will likely be unaware that they’re missing in the first place. Digital Foundry also has high praise for the anti-aliasing used on Switch and the port overall.

Have a look at the full analysis below.

After previously launching on PS4, Thumper has now come to Switch today. Check out a video comparing the two versions below.

Plenty of footage has come in for the new Switch eShop release Thumper. We’ve rounded up a bunch of videos below.

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Thumper is one of the big new releases on the Switch eShop today. In the gameplay video below, you can take a look at the game to see what it has to offer.

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