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Electronic Arts

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Today Electronic Arts’ racing game, Burnout Paradise Remastered, received a new trailer showing off many of its features. Check it out below.

Burnout Paradise Remastered arrives on Switch June 19.

Patch 1.0.2 has been released for FIFA 18. Below are the full patch notes:


As you might have seen in our post on last week’s UK software sales, FIFA 18 finally launched and naturally dominated the charts. The Switch version placed at #7 in the individual charts, which is fairly decent. However, the Switch version was outsold by not only the other current gen-versions of the game, but even the Xbox 360 version, which took the fifth place in the sales charts. MCV reports that the Switch version only accounted for about 1% of the total sales of FIFA 18 in its launch week in the UK.

That certainly isn’t a great number, but it’s important to put it into perspective. As mentioned, this only accounts for physical sales – the Switch version might have had a stronger showing on the eShop. There have also been accounts of the Switch version being hard to find in stores – it’s currently sold out on, with new stock only arriving on October 9th. It’s impossible to know for sure, but perhaps the Switch version of FIFA 18 fulfilled EA’s sales expectations – even if those were fairly low expectations.


FIFA 18 will be released on Switch tomorrow, September 29th, which marks the series’ return to Nintendo consoles after several years of absence. However, it seems like not all Switch users will actually get to play it tomorrow. As GoNintendo reports, German retailer Media Markt has told those who ordered the Switch version of the game that it won’t be arriving this week. Furthermore, the Switch version is currently unable to pre-ordered at several stores, such as Amazon or Gamestop, or had its release date changed to “coming soon” on Thalia.

It’s currently unknown what the issue seems to be, or why it’s only affecting the Switch version of the game. We also don’t know yet if the digital version is affected as well. Its release date is still listed as September 29th on the eShop in Germany, though we won’t know for sure until tomorrow.


EA and Nintendo have had an interesting and tumultuous relationship over the last few years. To help clarify (or fuel?) the situation with EA on the handheld site of their publishing, COO Peter Moore recently had the following to say:

“We were supportive of both of those platforms,” Moore said. “But then you’ve got finite resources and you’ve got teams that say, ‘We really think that two or three years from now, these are the platforms that people are going to be consuming games on.’ And you look at the quality of what you can do on phones and tablets… Sometimes strategy is not about what you do but what you don’t do, and you have to make some hard calls when you’ve got only so many people. To my point, we’ve got to be planning for FY 17 and 18. Do you think the Vita and 3DS are going to be around in some shape or fashion by then on a scale level?”

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