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Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 will be packaged with a special bonus soundtrack when it’ll be released in Japan on August 31st. The “User’s Best Album” features a variety of tracks from all of the main Etrian Odyssey games on two discs. Atlus released a sample video that lets you listen to some of the tracks on the album. Check it out:


4Gamer has published tons of new screenshots and artwork for Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2, which you can find in the gallery below. The game will be released in Japan for 3DS on August 31st; a Western release date has not yet been announced.

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As can be expected from a game combining the Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery Dungeon series, Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 offers some pretty in-depth customization options. The latest issue of Jump magazine revealed another such example – the subclass feature (thanks to Siliconera for the translation).

In addition to the primary class each character has, you will also be able to assign them a “subclass”.  This allows them to use skills from that class and gives them stat buffs. This can be used to enhance a character’s strength or compensate for their weaknesses. Jump magazine lists two examples: first up, a Landsknecht is a close-range combat specialist. However, by giving him the Runemaster subclass, he can now attack from range with a variety of elemental spells. The other example is a Hexer with a Paladin subclass. Hexers debuff enemies, but are normally pretty frail. However, thanks to the Paladin subclass, they can take a few more hits and are able to wield shields.


Atlus uploaded a second trailer for Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 ahead of its Japanese launch on August 31. View the video below.

During a live stream held today, Atlus showcased new footage from Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 on 3DS. We’ve posted the relevant recording below.

On its official Twitter page, Atlus provided the official boxart for the Japanese 3DS game Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2. Check it out above.


This past weekend, Atlus announced Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 for 3DS. Amazon Japan put up a listing today with various images of the game.

Shown above is an illustration that will likely be used in the boxart. Below, we have screenshots along with images of the first-print User’s Best Album and 10th Anniversary Box.


Following the announcement of Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 today, the first footage from the game was shown during the Atlus New Title Announcement Special Spring 2017 live stream. We’ve attached the recording below.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 is heading to 3DS, Atlus announced today. The news was just shared during the Atlus New Title Announcement Special Spring 2017 event.

Buyers will receive a two-disc user’s best album featuring player favorite songs from the Etrian Odyssey series when they pick up a first-print copy of the game. Atlus will allow fans to vote on the tracks until April 9. Yuuji Himukai designed the jacket that houses the CDs.

Also, an Etrian Odyssey 10th Anniversary Box limited edition will be sold for 9,800 yen. It’ll come with a copy of the game, special-make box, and 200-page Character Art Works book containing character illustrations from across the Etrian Odyssey series numbered titles.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 launches on August 31 in Japan for 6,480 yen. Access the official website here and watch the first trailer below.

Here’s an overview of the story, courtesy of Gematsu: