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F-Zero X


Following the release of F-Zero X on Nintendo Switch Online a short while ago, new gameplay has emerged. Over an hour of footage is shown in a video from GameXplain.

Here’s a bit of information about F-Zero X:

f-zero x comparison n64 switch online

Nintendo provided a first look at F-Zero X on Nintendo Switch Online when it announced the game’s release date for the service a short while ago, and a new video from GameXplain compares this version to the N64 original.

F-Zero X originally released on the N64 in 1998. It has since appeared on the Wii Virtual Console.

f-zero x switch online

F-Zero X is the next N64 game to be joining Nintendo Switch Online, it’s been announced. The title will be available to those that are subscribed to the program at the Expansion Pass tier starting on March 11, 2022.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask was the previous release for the lineup of N64 games on Nintendo Switch Online, which came out on February 25. We did know that F-Zero X would be arriving at some point, but Nintendo was reluctant to share any sort of release window.

F-Zero X debuted on the European Wii U Virtual Console last month, but it did so with several issues. Specifically, players encountered problems with the controls. Because of a “deadzone”, moving your vehicle around wasn’t the easiest task.

Nintendo must have heard about the complaints as an update has now been issued. After applying the patch, players have noted that the controls are improved significantly. It may not stand up completely to the original F-Zero X, but navigating around tracks should feel significantly better.


If you’re in Europe or Japan, you can now purchase F-Zero X on the Wii U Virtual Console. Take a look at some footage below.

F-Zero X made it out on the Wii U Virtual Console in both Europe and Japan this week. Unfortunately, there seems to be significant issues here.

Many users who purchased F-Zero X on the eShop are encountering severe problems with the controls. The issues are significant enough that some are saying that the game is unplayable. It all comes down to how you maneuver your vehicle, or more specifically, the control stick sensitivity. You really need to push the analog stick far before anything happens, and there’s a deadzone of maybe 25 to 30 percent.

In case you’re curious, F-Zero X on Wii is completely fine. That version of the racer does not have these same issues.

You can read up on some of the comments players have been writing on Miiverse and Twitter below.

On Thursday, F-Zero X will be coming to the European Wii U Virtual Console. Take a look at the official trailer below.

Ever wondered what would happen if you took the Mute City from Mario Kart 8’s latest DLC and tried to run it in actual an F-Zero engine? Apparently you don’t need to look any further because it now exists thanks to the track editor in F-Zero X. What do you think, is this a faithful recreation of the recreation?

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