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It’s been announced that Best Buy is planning a new Mewtwo distribution for Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu / Eevee. Between November 4 and November 14, you can add the Psychic-type creature to your collection through the Pokemon Pass app.

Follow these steps to obtain Mewtwo:

Like the games they were proceeded by, Pokemon Sword/Shield have received regular news update and announcements. However, The Pokemon Company has taken a different approach as to how it shares that information. Whereas many of the new Pokemon were revealed prior to launch of previous generations, there are quite a few that are still being kept under wraps. We still haven’t seen the starter evolutions even though Pokemon Sword/Shield are less than a month away, for example.

This was indeed an intentional move, The Pokemon Company has confirmed. Rather than showing almost all of the new Pokemon ahead of time, they want fans to encounter them while playing. It’ll certainly be more surprising to see what sort of new creatures were made for this generation by actually going through the adventure.


Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have received another short gameplay video showcasing the Wild Area and its different weather patterns. Give it a look below.

Pokemon Sword/Shield

The Pokemon Company just published a new Japanese trailer for Pokemon Sword & Shield. The video doesn’t contain any new information, instead showing off every new Pokemon that has been officially revealed so far.

Pokemon Sword & Shield are out worldwide on November 15.

A few different Japanese outlets have provided the latest footage from Pokemon Sword/Shield. Find gameplay clips rounded up from Famitsu,, and 4Gamer below.

Like previous entries in the series, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield won’t have voice acting. The characters have lines of text to read while the Pokemon themselves maintain their tradition sound effects.

In an interview with Metro, director Shigeru Ohmori was asked why voice acting wasn’t included this time around. He pointed to the amount of work that would be needed for recordings due to the amount of languages supported as well as maintaining the idea players have in mind for the different characters.

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Speaking with IGN, Pokemon producer Junichi Masuda vaguely discussed how Game Freak approaches future Pokemon games. He explained that what is and isn’t kept “may depend somewhat on the timing of when that game will come out.” For instance, while Pokemon Sun/Moon did away with gyms since it was the second generation entry on 3DS, Pokemon Sword/Shield is the true debut on Switch, which is why gyms are back.

Masuda also confirmed that new-generation Pokemon titles “have about a three-year development cycle”. The developers need to think about what the future will be like in three years’ time, including what fans would be interested in when the games release.

Masuda’s full words:

Nintendo ultimately decides how it wants to move forward with new hardware, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t interested in hearing from outside voices. In fact, Pokemon developer Game Freak is one such company that is able to provide a bit of feedback.

Pokemon Sword/Shield producer Junichi Masuda, in an interview with Polygon, said he told late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata that the Big N should make a “hardware platform that people can enjoy together.” Masuda noted the following when asked if Switch is pulling Game Freak onto consoles:

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Game Informer is one of a few outlets to have published an interview with Pokemon Sword/Shield director Shigeru Ohmori and producer Junichi Masuda. As part of their discussion, they spoke about how big these games are compared to other entries, teased more content after players finish the main story, and spoke about the Pokemon timeline.

We’ve rounded up the answers to these topics below. If you’re interested in reading the full interview, hit up Game Informer’s full piece here.

Pokemon Sword/Shield

In a recent hands-on session for Pokemon Sword/Shield, Eurogamer was able to speak with director Shigeru Ohmori and producer Junichi Masuda. Between the two, they discussed pressure making Pokemon titles, the negative feedback they’ve recently received, and the possibility of more Let’s Go games. It’s also now confirmed that there’s no direct connectivity with Pokemon GO.

We’ve rounded up these particular responses below. For the full interview, head on over to Eurogamer.

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