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Suda51 made a cameo appearance during today’s Devolver Direct 2020 stream. It wasn’t until the credits that he showed up, and he was only on screen for a couple of seconds. In that brief time though, viewers were shown another look at No More Heroes 3. We have a snapshot from the credits above.

Something similar was done during New Game+ Expo. Suda51 teased fans with gameplay, but covered up much of the screen.

No More Heroes 3 was last said to be launching in 2020, but it’s unclear if that’s still the case.

Suda51 kicked off today’s New Game+ Expo broadcast in a bit of a cheeky way. Rather than showing us direct-feed gameplay of No More Heroes 3, he instead decided to show “footage” by sitting the front of the screen.

Here’s the video in question:

Obviously it’s a bit tough to make out the action, but perhaps it’s better than nothing. No More Heroes 3 is said to be arriving sometime in 2020, but we haven’t seen much of it so far.

It’s been a full year since No More Heroes 3 was announced for Switch. A couple of trailers have been published, but we haven’t really had a chance to see how the action looks in-game.

If development is still on track to wrap up before 2020 ends, we should have a proper trailer soon. But at least in the meantime, director Suda51 shared a new image on social media today that gives a fans a taste of what No More Heroes 3 actually looks like. The in-game image can be found above.

No More Heroes 3 is said to be launching on Switch later in 2020.


During an online version of MomoCon today, Suda51 appeared during a live stream. The No More Heroes director ended up answering a number of questions regarding his career both past and present.

At one point, Suda51 was asked about the possibility of some of his previous games landing on Switch. It sounds like there’s a decent chance of The Silver Case finding its way to the system since discussions have been held. As for Killer7 and Killer is Dead, that’d be up to Capcom and Kadokawa Games respectively.

Suda51’s translator relayed the following:

Hello, my beautiful animal buddies! This week on NEP, we’ve got a lot of games under our belt: Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Dragon’s Crown Pro, and Byleth impressions from Smash. Then, we fawn over how gorgeous this new Animal Crossing: New Horizons limited edition Switch is. And the big news about Switch outselling the SNES in under 3 years. Has Switch really been this successful? It’s surreal. Also surreal is the details finally releasing on Pokemon HOME. It’s a mixed bag, and most reaction has been less than great. And some more details on Super Nintendo World opening in Universal Studios Japan in Osaka this summer.

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After No More Heroes 3 debuted its latest trailer at The Game Awards, animation company Studio Plumeau made note that an effect used in the video was essentially a copy of what it had previously created. It wasn’t clear how that ended up there, but some fans suggested that it was stolen from another outlet – not by Grasshopper Manufacture.

Thankfully, the dust has settled, and things have been resolved amicably. Studio Plumeau recently confirmed that the effect was purchased from the digital asset service Envato, and the team involved with No More Heroes 3’s trailer wasn’t aware of any wrongdoing. Unfortunately, a certain user was selling different assets made by many artists, including the one from Studio Plumeau. The two sides have talked and Grasshopper says “the matter has been officially resolved.”

Here are all of the relevant tweets:

No More Heroes 3 debuted a brand new trailer at The Game Awards last night. The video itself has gone over well with fans, but a bit of a messy situation has started to develop.

Over on Twitter, Studio Plumeau claims that the trailer uses animation without permission. A comparison, which can be seen below, definitely shows how strikingly similar the two are.

A new No More Heroes 3 video just debuted at The Game Awards 2019. View the latest trailer called “The Return” below.

In an interview with Wccftech, director Suda51 provided an update on No More Heroes 3. The game is now “about 35 to 40 percent complete,” he said. The script has wrapped up as well.

No More Heroes 3 was first announced at E3 2019. We haven’t seen a new trailer since then, but a new video is on the way. Suda51 mentioned that a second trailer is planned for the end of this year of early next year.

Suda51 shared some other tidbits during the interview as well. The open world is larger than the first No More Heroes, but “won’t be as big as something you see from huge companies like Ubisoft or Rockstar.” Side-missions are returning along with “other extras”, the latter of which are different from mini-games. The suit transformation shown in the debut trailer “will only be available in certain special circumstances.” As for bosses, Suda51 described one of the bosses by bringing up Thanos, Venom, and Joker. Last but not least, Nobuaki Kaneko is handling the entire soundtrack.


Suda51 appeared during a live stream hosted by IGN Japan to announce his new horror project with Swery. That wasn’t all though, as he also gave an update on No More Heroes 3.

For today’s report, Suda51 had a couple of things to share on Kimmy Howell and Destroyman in particular. Here’s what was said: